Is the HP Probook 6460b a good laptop in 2022?

Is the HP Probook 6460b a good laptop in 2022?
Is the HP Probook 6460b a good laptop in 2022?

Is the hp Probook 6460b a good laptop in 2022?

The HP Probook 6460b is a good laptop, but it’s not suitable for gaming. It has a large screen, which is useful for watching movies and playing games. The HP Probook 6460b has a good battery life, which is useful for business travellers.

Screen Size

Big screen laptops are becoming more and more popular, especially among gamers. But if you’re not looking for a big screen laptop, then this isn’t the right laptop for you.

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The HP Probook 6460b is a great laptop for work, entertainment, and gaming because it has an amazing 14-inch screen with 1080p resolution.

The large screen size gives you more space to do everything from watching movies to working on spreadsheets or playing games like Fortnite Battle Royale or PUBG Mobile.

It’s made of a magnesium alloy chassis and aluminium lid.

One of the main reasons I like this laptop is that it’s made of a magnesium alloy chassis and aluminium lid. This means that it’s both durable, lightweight and fingerprint secure.

When you open the lid of your Probook 6460b, you will see an HP logo etched into the top-right corner. This silver logo looks great against the black laptop but unfortunately scratches easily so you might want to be careful if this is going to be someone that travels with their laptop all over town or even just around their house every now and then.

Durability and fingerprint Security

In general, HP’s Probook 6460b is a sturdy laptop that is built to last and can withstand damage from normal wear and tear. The body of the laptop is made out of magnesium alloy chassis, while its lid is made from aluminum.

Both these materials are quite durable and will protect your laptop from most bumps and bruises. In addition, it has a fingerprint scanner that protects your data by securing your login credentials for Windows Hello authentication; this means that you won’t have to remember complex passwords or write them down on paper in order to access your account!

This feature makes the HP Probook 6460b ideal for business use since employees will not need access their work computers outside their office settings due to security concerns regarding viruses or hackers breaking into company databases using stolen information stored within employee computers (such as usernames/passwords).

It’s also great for gaming because it enables players’ game profiles without passwords so they can jump straight into gameplay without worrying about entering lengthy codes every time they want some fun online action at home!

Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB of RAM.

The HP ProBook 6460b is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8565U processor and up to 8GB of RAM. This makes for a very responsive laptop, whether you’re editing video or writing code. To keep your data safe and secure, it comes with either 1TB of HDD storage or 256GB of SSD storage.

The HP ProBook 6460b can be used for gaming or creative work. The Intel Core i7 processor is paired with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card, which gives it the power to run modern games at high settings. And because of its high-quality screen resolution (1920×1080), you’ll be able to see every detail in your favorite PC games.

Battery life can go up to 7 hours

Battery life can go up to 7 hours, according to HP.

It takes 2 hours to charge the Probook 6460b’s battery, according to HP.

The Probook 6460b has a battery life of up to 8 hours when doing light office work, says HP.

This amount of time is with only one battery in the computer and using Wi-Fi instead of a hard-wired internet connection. If you use both batteries in your laptop, it will last longer than 8 hours but not as long as 7 hours (which is what they claim).

The company also claims that if you’re running programs like Photoshop or watching videos on YouTube on this machine, then the battery should last for around 4 hours—but again: no matter how many batteries you have inside your computer or how much work you’re doing with it during those four hours, your actual usage will vary depending on what exactly happens during those four hours.

The laptop lacks an optical drive, but has 4 USB ports, FireWire, HDMI and VGA output, plus Ethernet and audio jacks.

The HP Probook 6460b lacks an optical drive. The laptop does have 4 USB ports, FireWire, HDMI and VGA output, plus Ethernet and audio jacks.

The lack of an optical drive might be an issue if you’re used to using CD or DVD disks that contain software programs or other media files like music CDs or DVDs. However, most software is now offered as downloads from the Internet and there are plenty of cloud storage services that let you store your music collection online so that it’s available anywhere you go with your laptop computer in hand.

It’s also worth noting that while this notebook doesn’t come with an optical drive out of the box, it does offer a slot for one if you wish to add one later on (which would allow access without having to connect via USB).

This is more suitable as a business laptop than as a gaming machine

The HP Probook 6460b is a good laptop for business use, but it isn’t ideal for gaming. It has many of the features that you would expect from a business laptop: strong performance and battery life, a comfortable keyboard and trackpad, an HD display with wide viewing angles, and so on.

However, its graphics card is below par when compared to other machines in this price range (see our list of best laptops). If you play games occasionally or casually—and only do so on your desktop computer—you’ll be fine with the Probook 6460b’s graphics card.

But if you’re serious about gaming in 2022 or beyond (or even if you just want to be able to run high-spec games), then we recommend looking at other options like the Lenovo Ideapad 710S or ASUS ZenBook UX32VD


It might not be the best gaming laptop, but it’s definitely a better business laptop than others. The battery life is also pretty good and it has many ports to make it easier for you to use with other devices.

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