How To Watch Peacock On Samsung Tv – Easy Steps

How To Watch Peacock On Samsung Tv

How To Watch Peacock On Samsung Tv – Easy Steps


Method:1 (From App Store) Open the App Store on your Samsung TV (applicable to models of 2018+). Search and download the Peacock app. Log in to your account in the app and watch your favourite content.

Method:2 (By ChromeCast) You have to download and install the Peacock app in this method as well, however on your phone. Connect the Chromecast device to your TV via HDMI port. Then, open the app on your phone and select your desired content to watch. At last click on the “Cast Icon” at the top right corner. Select your Samsung TV and connect to it.

Method:3 (By Airplay) Samsung TVs often come with a built-in Airplay 2. Download and log in to your Peacock account on your phone. Select the video or movie that you want to watch and click on the “AirPlay Icon” at the top-right corner of your phone. Once you connect to your Samsung TV watch your favourite content on the TV.

NOTE: The above-mentioned methods are discussed in detail below. So, read the complete article for all the information.


As the era of technology is growing people are getting more and more addicted to it. They now demand the most advanced, up-to-date and fancy features in the devices they use in their life. Thus, manufacturers are also impressively successful in manufacturing new products.


These advanced products are fast and affordable. Moreover, a small product can carry out heavy activities. The criteria of perfection are now very high even for a small piece of technology. This criterion has increased to a high level for TVs and TV content as well.

Viewers now find it more serene and untroubled to access all their favourite content online. For this reason, they need a platform that is provided by a number of streaming channels, “Peacock TV” is one of them.

Peacock TV was launched with a series of movies, shows and serials. However, it is very unfortunate that now Peacock TV is only accessible in the US. The advantage of this streaming service is that it is available for almost all platforms (iPhone, Android, Vizio, Xbox, Chromecast, PlayStation and LG smart TV).

Peacock Premium

You can watch Peacock TV for 13000 hours of content for free. But, the premium version enables you to access online content via Peacock TV for 20000 hours that cost $4.99 per month and $9.99 hours for the add-free version per month.

Download The Peacock App

To download the Peacock app you can use both App Store and Play store. For Android, the app is now available on the play store, whereas, for iOS devices, you can also download the app from the App store. Below are the download links,

  1. App Store
  2. Playstore

Method:1 Download Peacock App

Peacock TV is now available for all the Samsung models from 2018 and onwards. So, follow the following steps to watch Peacock on Samsung TV,

  • Step:1 First of all, sign up for your Peacock account.
  • Step:2 Then go to the “Home” screen on your Samsung TV and open the App Store.
  • Step:3 Search “Peacock” in the search bar and choose “Add to Home” for installation.
  • Step:4 Once the app has been installed, log in to the app.
  • Step:5 Now, enjoy your favourite content and stream online.

Method:2 ChromeCast Peacock TV

You can Chromecast Peacock TV on Samsung TV without the interference of any third app or streaming platform. To watch Peacock on Samsung TV follow the given steps:

  • Step:1 First of all download the Peacock app from the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS devices).
  • Step:2 In this step create an account if you are new or login into your existing Peacock account.
  • Step:3 Let me tell you that, some of the Samsung TV’s support Chromecast while others don’t.
  • Step:4 For this purpose, connect an external Chromecast device to your TV via HDMI port and connect to the same WiFi as your phone.
  • Step:5 Now, open the Peacock app on your phone and click on the show that you want to watch.
  • Step:6 Then select the “Cast icon”  at the top-right corner of your TV.
  • Step:7 Then select your “ChromeCast Device”  and display.

Method:3 AirPlay Peacock TV

Samsung TVs from 2018 support the AirPlay 2 so you can watch Peacock on Samsung TV by Airplay.

  • Step:1 Firstly, install and log in to your Peacock account.
  • Step:2 Secondly, make sure that your TV and phone are connected to the same WiFi for ease of connection.
  • Step:3 Choose and start your favourite content on the Peacock app.
  • Step:4 On the top-right corner of your phone click on the “AirPlay icon”.
  • Step:5 Select your device from the appeared list.
  • Step:6 Once your Samsung TV has been connected to your phone, watch your favourite content on TV now.


This was our article about how to watch Peacock on Samsung TV. This article carries three steps in detail (step-by-step). For your ease, we have also given download links from both the App Store and play store.

Our aim to write this article is to help you in all the ways possible by mentioning and discussing all the possible methods to watch Peacock on Samsung TV.

We hope this article helps you!

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