How to Watch HBO GO on Vizio Smart TV? – Easy Steps

How to Watch HBO GO on Vizio Smart TV

How to watch HBO GO on Vizio Smart TV? – Easy Steps

On the internet, you can enjoy movies, shows, and serials. Smart TVs make it more enjoyable and with the right apps too. Because apps are the medium and add many features to your device.

After getting home after a busy day you want to watch something to get comfortable. Vizio is one of the best Smart TVs with many features and it’s enjoyable to watch in 4K Ultra HD resolution. With the HBO GO app and Vizio Smart TV, you have a lot of features and interesting videos to watch.


HBO GO app is also a good app to enjoy the videos you like which can include movies, serials, tv shows, and many more videos.

This app allows you to create a watch list on which you can add your favorite videos to watch them later. HBO GO enables you to watch current and past videos. You can also watch documentaries and sports content.

Vizio Smart TV

If you want the HBO GO content on your Vizio Smart TV, this article is all about it. Vizio Smart TVs are of two types. Smartcast TVs and VIA TVs.

Smartcast TVs come with a casting feature in which you can cast your media files in mobile to Smart TV. VIA TVs include the casting feature and also include the Vizio app store to download Apps.

Unfortunately, you cannot download the HBO GO app from Vizio App Store but you don’t have to worry. We have given the procedure of how you can watch HBO GO on your Smart TV with the casting feature.

HBO Subscription

Before you go for it, you should know that you have to buy an HBO subscription plan and you have to create an account if you don’t have it.

How to cast the HBO GO app on Vizio Smart TV?

Follow the following steps to cast the HBO GO app on your Smart TV.

1. First of all, you have to download and install the HBO Go app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).

2. Connect your smartphone to the WiFi network with which your Smart TV is connected.

3. Open the HBO GO app on your phone.

4. After then, tap on the Cast option at the top of the HBO GO app.

5. Now your smartphone will start to search any nearby devices. When your phone has detected the Smart TV, just tap on it.

6. Now open any movie, serial, or video on your phone. The video will be cast on your Smart TV. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the movies on a big screen.

What if you want to install the app?

If you want to install the HBO GO app on your Vizio TV, you will need an external streaming device such as Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku. You can connect such devices and you can enjoy the HBO contents easily without using your phone. For this, buy the device if you are willing to spend money.

Then plug the streaming device into the HDMI port of Vizio TV and follow the procedure given in the manual to set up your device.

Final Thoughts

We have provided you the easiest way which you can follow to watch HBO GO on your Vizio Smart TV. HBO introduced a new streaming service, HBO Max. HBO will concentrate more on its new app. So HBO Max is good because it will have the latest content and some more features.

No need to worry you can enjoy your favorite videos on the HBO GO app. Without spending money on streaming devices you have only a casting feature to use.

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