How to Watch HBO GO On LG Smart TV? – Easy Steps

How to Watch HBO GO On LG Smart TV

How to watch HBO GO on LG Smart TV?

Watching TV online is becoming more popular because in this busy life if you have skipped your favorite program you can watch it any time when you want. Many apps are available but some are extraordinary. Here we have the HBO GO app.

HBO GO is an online streaming service that enables you to watch current and past series, films, tv shows, documentaries, sports content, and much more. This app allows you to create a watch list on which you can add your favorite videos to watch them later.


If you want to install this app on your LG Smart TV, you can install it and enjoy your favorite videos by just following the simple and easy steps given below which are described, so you don’t have to face any problems.

How to install HBO GO on LG Smart TV?

Method 1:

According to HBO GO help center ( LG devices with WebOS 3.5 or later support HBO GO app. If you have the recent model of a smart TV or a model with the required WebOS version you can install it from the LG content store which is available on WebOS to install apps. Follow the procedure below:

1. Turn your LG Smart TV on.

2. Make sure you have an internet connection whether via Ethernet or Wifi.

3. Press the Home button from the remote of your Smart TV.

4. Now from the apps, navigate and choose LG Content Store.

5. Choose the Apps and Games option.

6. From the search bar, search for the HBO GO app.

7. From the HBO GO app details page. Select Install and the app will be installed on your LG Smart TV.

How to launch an app and watch HBO content?

After you have downloaded the app and installed need. You want to open it. If you are a new user and don’t know how to open the app then we have solved your problem by giving you the procedure you can understand and follow easily. Now follow the following steps to open the HBO GO app and watch the videos you want:

1. Press the Home button on the remote of your LG Smart TV.

2. Look for the app on the Home screen. Navigate if it is not listed.

3. Open the app by choosing it.

4. You have to sign in to the account by entering your username and password.

5. If you don’t have your account then Sign Up to make the account and also choose a subscription plan you want.

You can update to the latest version of the HBO GO app easily to get new features and more content.

Method 2:

The above method is a lot easier and works for almost everyone. But there is an alternative method that can be used by screen sharing or mirroring your smartphone to the LG Smart TV. Every LG Smart TV has the Screen Share feature which allows you to cast any media file from your smartphone.

1. On your remote, press the cable-like button.

2. Some options will show on the top-right corner. Select the Screen Share option.

3. Connect your smartphone to the wifi network to which your Smart TV is connected.

4. In the notification panel of your smartphone click on “cast”.

5. When your phone detects the LG Smart TV, tap on it.

6. Now your smartphone screen will be mirrored to your LG Smart TV.

7. Open the HBO GO app from your smartphone and play the video on your smartphone it will cast on your Smart TV.

To stop the mirroring, turn off the screen share option on the LG Smart TV or just disable the cast icon from your smartphone.


HBO GO app has many shows, movies, and many interesting serials to watch. You can enjoy this app on your smartphones and on other devices but on the Smart TV you have a big screen and you’ll definitely want to watch your favorite movie on it as it is more enjoyable.

In this article, we have described each and every step clearly so you don’t have to face any problems in watching HBO GO app on your LG Smart TV.

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