How to Use Heavy Weapon Warframe? – Easy Steps

How to Use Heavy Weapon Warframe

How to Use Heavy Weapon Warframe? – Easy Steps

 A simple guide

If you don’t know how to use heavy weapons in warframe, take a look at this article for a complete guide to use them efficiently.

Warframe is, no doubt, one of the most popular video games available. Due to its exciting story and weapons selection, it is applauded among gamers.


This shooting-style game is available for Windows PC, Xbox, and the latest PlayStations. If you are willing to give this game a try, then you should know how to use heavy weapons warfare for a good win.

We will discuss the simple way to use classical weapons km warframe for an excellent host experience.

How to summon heavy weapons on warframe?

There are different weapons available to varying stages of the game, but to use them, you should know how to summon heavy weapons Warframe. An arch gun is the most interesting heavy weapon in the warframe, and you should see how to use it.

Guide to using arch gun in warframe

There are two ways to equip and use an arch gun. These include arch gun deployer and archwing launcher

1.Archwing launcher

Using an archwing launcher is the first way to use your arch gun. But to get yourself an archwing, you’ll have a rank five mastery. Moreover, you have to spend fifteen thousand credits to get the blueprint as a member of a clan.

After recovering the blueprint, you will go to your ship to install your segments. After the completion of installation, go and insert it to the foundry to achieve archwing.

Another option is to directly buy the archwing segment from the war frame market and place it on your foundry. This process is more accessible and less time-consuming.

2.Activation of archwing

You can unlock all these achievements after passing the archwing quest. Since you have cleared all the missions, you can activate your archwing in your (player’s) gear menu. After that, you can use it in different tasks that include Orb Vallis and others.

Using an archwing launcher

After completing all the quests based on archwing, you’ll get this launcher through the arsenal.

  • Open arsenal screen
  • You will see the archwing option in the bottom right corner
  • Click on it
  • Now you can update or optimize your archwing according to your choice.

Our favorite archwing weapons

The archwing weapons are preferred according to the mission situation, hit overall following are our top favorite archwing weapons

  • Imperator vandal
  • Cygnas
  • Kuva Ayanga
  • Fluctus
  • Grattler
  • Larkspur

Arch gun deployer

With the arch gun deployer, you can deploy all the arch guns weapons on the battlefield. With the help of this weapon piece, you can use the best arch gun in almost every mission. But it would help if you remembered that you could not use archwing with this deployer.

Where to Get an Arch gun Deployer?

To get your hands on this deployer, you must accomplish the profit taker heist and achieve the Old mate rank with Solaris. After that, you need to go to Eudico in Fortuna to examine the plans to best the profit taker.

When you complete these missions, you’ll get access to an arch gun deployer which you can pair with your preferred arch gun and take on the battle.

Way to Use Arch gun Deployer

Follow the steps to use arch gun deployer while battling

●Select your gear wheel

●You’ll see an arch gun deployer option. Please select it

●You’ll receive your weapon through the sky.

Gravimag – suitor for heavy weapons

Are you looking for some hardcore heavy weapons to defeat your opponent effortlessly? Well, to pursue this option, you should have warframe Gravimag on your side.

With a gravimag, you can turn your arch gun into a heavy weapon of warframe on the battlefield. After the profit taker heist, you’ll automatically get a gravimag in your inbox.

With thirty-five thousand credits to get its blueprint from the Clan Dojo research lab (Tenno Research laboratory). Assemble the gravimag, and it’s ready to use.

Another option is that you have the opportunity to buy gravimag from the warframe market in exchange for twenty platinum. After getting it, either way, equip it with your favorite arch gun and get ready for the action.

After updating your arch gun with gravimag, add it to your gear wheel and when the time comes, use an arch gun deployer to get your warframe heavy weapon.

Guide to use Scindomelle

This weapon is one of the most fierce and effective melees in the warframe. It causes more severe injury than other melees in the game. If you’re wondering how to use Scindo, follow these simple steps.

The Scindo melee is divided into three parts present in a different location

  1. Handle- N6 Meso
  2. Blade- Axi-S3
  3. Blueprint- E1 Lith

Combine these parts, and you’ll get your Scindo melee.


To ace the game, you should know how to use heavy weapons warframe to conquer challenging battlegrounds. So, we discussed some fantastic ways to use an arch gun and a unique way to upgrade them. With the archwing and arch gun deployer, your adventure will become more interesting with time.

 Thank you for reading this article. We hope that it will help you with your warframe quest, and if it does, don’t forget to tell us in the comments. Till then, have a great time.

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