How to Use Headset Mic on Pc With One Jack – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Use Headset Mic on Pc With One Jack

How to Use Headset Mic on Pc With One Jack – Easy Steps to Follow

Life has become very busy. Every person becomes bored while doing the same work for a long period. Every person loves to hear songs while performing his duties. This keeps the mind relaxed and sharp.

So, a headset is the basic need of every person in the office.

To make calls or to listen to songs, the headset is compulsory for everyone during office work. Although, wireless headsets are in demand and people prefer to use wireless headsets as they are more convenient and look pretty to use. But still, some people demand plug-and-play systems instead of wireless. 

While this functionality of having a headset with wire is worthy but there arises a problem sometimes. As some PCs have just one jack of input or output port. This can be challenging as you want to make a call in the next few hours and you don’t have an extra port for your headset.

It can bring difficulty for you. For this problem, we are here to get you a solution by which you can easily use a single jack headset on a PC. 

Why do people use a single jack headset?

There are multiple reasons for people who are using single jack headsets. As there are multiples of wireless headsets in the market but people still prefer it. Some of the reasons for this act are convenience and flexibility that people demand in everything of life.

As people use a single headset because it is lightweight and easy to take care of it. Other than this, you have to take care of just one cable, and not multiples. Moreover, people prefer to use a flexible thing and a single jack wire remains more flexible and easy to use. 

Now we will discuss how we can use a headset mic on pc with one jack for our use.

What are TRRS, TS, and TRS?

The letters used in this represent a different type of connector and plugs that are used to connect the device and headset. These provide signals to the device.

They are at every end of the single pair of headphones. These words are abbreviated. ‘T’ stands for ‘tip’ ‘S’ stands for ‘sleeve’ and ‘R’ stands for ‘ring’

TS has one tip and a sleeve in it. TRS has one tip, one ring, and a sleeve in it that passes the signals. TRRS has one tip, one sleeve, and two rings in it.

How to use headset mic on pc with one jack

For older PC

Before going to buy a splitter for the headset, everyone will think of an easy alternative to save money and work with his single jack headset.

Here we are going to discuss in detail step by step that should be followed in a sequence in order to get rid of your problem.

Step 1

At first, you have to go to the start button and search for the control panel in the search bar. Open the control panel from where the whole procedure will be started.

Step 2

Now you have to look for the sound or headphone option in the control panel. This option is for the headsets of your plugin into the computer.

Step 3

In the sound option, you will look for a recording tab. The Recording tab will be available in this option. Open the tab and click on it.

Step 4

In the recording tab, move to the default button. For this, left-click on your device where you will see the option of the default button. Click on this default button for further settings. Here set your headset as default.

For Mac

In the MacBook, the setting is different from windows PC. So, here it will take some different steps to end the problem.

Step 1

In the first step, open the searchlight tool, and search for the sound option here.

Step 2

Now you will see the input tab. Now click on the input tab. Left-click on your device and the default option will be shown here. Click on the default button to make the headset default.

For newer PC

In a newer PC, there are already two ports in it for both microphones and headphones. This port is made compatible with the headset that uses the TRRS jack.

If your new PC also has just one port, try to adjust it by using the steps followed for the older PC. This will work for your new PC too as it is the only easy way to use a headset with one jack. 

It is important to know that this solution is quite effective for all kinds of devices, but there is no surety of working this technique every time.

If this doesn’t work, a splitter to get a solution as a splitter is the last option for this problem. It provides an extra port for the headset.

Issues that may arise and how to tackle these problems

If you have completed all the above sets and are still unable to resolve the problem there may be some technical issues in it. The issues are

  • Incorrect configuration
  • Wrong connection
  • Driver issue
  • Headphone problem

Incorrect configuration

If the headset is not working, it may be due to an issue with the audio set you plugged in. The input device inserted in the PC may be faulty. So, check this first.

After this go to the setting and search the control panel in the search bar. Here set the headphones as default.

Wrong connection

The headset that is not working may be due to the wrong connection of the device. A wrong port connection with it can cause you to not get your desired result.

If you are facing the problem of a wrong connection problem then solve this problem first to move your work further. To get rid of this problem, the colored ports are inserted in the systems now, so the mistake can be reduced.

Driver issue

Another problem that can occur for not getting the functional headset, can be an error in the driver. If the drivers are corrupted and do not work properly, the sound drivers may be incompatible. So, you won’t be able to use your headset properly. 

One way to address this issue is to go to the device manager in the control panel. Now select your device and connect it with the PC.

Headphone problem

If all the above solutions are not working, then check your headphones as they can be faulty. The device itself may be effective here. So, change your headset to solve the problem.


It is good to know that if you are facing any issue with your headset, you can get a proper solution for it. There are several ways to get over this issue.

It’s up to you that which one you choose. You can solve it by just making some change in the setting of your PC or buying a new adapter having extra jacks with it.

These easy solutions are very effective in making your headset working. You can just apply these formulas to tackle these issues. If the whole procedure is not working, use a new splitter for it. 

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