How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote – A Guide to Follow

How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote – A Guide to Follow

In this guide, we will show you how to switch on, tune in and use the TV without remote control, indicating the free apps to be installed on smartphones (Android and iPhone) and the guidance about the manual way how to control the TV without a remote.

If we don’t have a Smart TV or a TV with a home network connection, we will also show you i best universal remotes that we can buy to reuse the TV even without the original device.

If you’re in a hurry we have an instant answer for you.

there are two main ways on which you can control your Samsung tv instantly without remote

  • using control buttons 
  • using the remote app for smart TV

other than these you can also use a universal TV remote which you have to buy from the market if your tv isn’t smart or has no internet connection.

TV owners can’t experience all the features without a remote controller, but Samsung has a manual solution for when the remote can’t be found.

How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote


How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

Samsung TVs do come with a TV controller for times where the remote has disappeared or needs replacement batteries. The TV controller is a set of buttons that allows users to turn the TV on and off, change the volume, and switch between inputs.

Most models can also access the Menu, Settings, Smart Hub features. However, finding the TV controller can be tricky as its location depends on the model. The TV controller is typically located near the small red light, which is active when the TV is turned off but connected to a power outlet.

According to Samsung, there are three main locations for the TV controller; on the back of the TV, in the middle under the front panel, or on the side under the front panel.


How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote
  • Company Virtual Remote App

You can use the mobile app called SmartThings app to control your Samsung TV and other devices effortlessly. In some Samsung devices, it is pre-installed but You can also install this app from Google Play Store or App Store, depending on the mobile you are using

Once the app is installed, open it and press on the name of the TV connected to the home network, to establish the connection and start using the functions of the virtual remote control, accessible by touch on the screen

  • Universal Virtual Apps

If we want to use a universal app compatible with a large number of televisions, we recommend starting with the apps SURE and AnyMote, available free for Android and iOS.

With these apps we can control practically any Smart TV, choosing the brand and model from the list inside the app; once the correct model has been identified, simply select it and confirm the warning message on the TV to immediately start using the TV without a remote control. These apps also support voice commands, so you can control the Smart TV using only our voice.


How to Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

Universal remotes can easily replace your TV’s original remote universal remote controls, which can “copy” the infrared signal of the original remote control and thus guarantee control of the TV.

These are the best solutions to turn on your Samsung TV when the actual TV remote is not functioning or lost. The built-in buttons enable you to perform only limited functions. Whereas Smart-Thing mobile app is programmed with all the necessary remote functions, so it will work similarly to your remote.

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