How to Turn off the Steam Notifications? – Easy Steps

How to Turn off the Steam Notifications

How to Turn off the Steam Notifications? – Easy Steps

In a Nutshell

To turn off the notifications you get in the Steam app, you first have to launch the app. Then, in the top ribbon on the app, on the top-left side where many options are given. Choose the Friends option. When you will click on it you will have more options appeared, from where you have to click on View Friends List.


After then, when the new screen opens. Click on the gear icon to manage your friends’ list and you have many options and setting available there which you can use to remove distractions which include notifications while playing a game.

In the left side menu, click the Notifications and you can uncheck all the options if you don’t want to receive all the notifications but if you want some which are more irritating and check some boxes so that you can get an alert. You have this option in your hand.

How to Turn off the Steam Notifications?

Here, in this article, I have given a method to solve a problem the many gamers face who have installed the Steam app and use it daily.

Steam is a very popular app used by gamers to install and experience their favorite games. The steam app allows users to interact with friends whenever they join the game and they are online. Steam allows you to access the Chat interface from where you can send and receive messages.

When it comes to playing games, getting a notification while you are concentrating on your goal in a game. It’s annoying to receive any kind of notifications that may divert your mind.

In Steam App whenever your friend joins a game or becomes online or sends a message to you. You’ll receive a notification every time.

If you are feeling irritated with the notifications in Steam then, don’t worry. Here, I have given the whole procedure in detail which you can understand easily. Read the whole article and follow the procedure to get rid of such notifications.

What are Steam Notifications?

Steam Notifications are just like any other notifications you get from many apps. Notifications in Steam aren’t bad because they give you information and alert about something.

The reason to remove the notifications is when you are playing a game, it makes annoy to get notifications each time when a friend gets online or for any other reason.

Why you should turn off Notifications?

As you got the reason why you receive notifications, now why you should turn the notifications off? It’s because when you get notifications they can overlap your game controls.

Notifications pop up on the screen to get your attention towards it, to inform you about something but you might lose focus looking at the notification while playing the game and doing some important levels.

Everyone wants to get focused on a task which he/she is doing at that time. Everyone wants to remove all the distractions that might make you lose focus. Similarly, gamers want to play games in calmness where they don’t get disturbing things.

After knowing about the Steam notifications. If you want to turn off the notifications, I have given a very easy procedure that you can apply to get rid of notifications.

How to turn off the Steam Notifications?

While you are playing a game and the sudden appearance of a pop-up or getting notifications prevents you to focus on your game and you can end up losing the game. Follow the steps given below to turn off the Steam notifications:

1. First of all, open the Steam app.

2. Now, in the top ribbon where you have many options to choose from. Click on the Friends option.

3. From the options that appear, select View Friends List.

4. After this, click on the gear icon from where you can manage your friends’ list.

5. In the left side menu, click on Notifications.

6. Uncheck every box if you don’t want to get any kind of notification that is concerned with your friends because most of the notifications are from them.

7. You can uncheck some of the options and let the remaining checked if you want to get some notifications.

Final Thoughts

Steam notifications are a big problem when you have friends who play games with you. The alerts like they are online, they are joining the game, they are sending messages, etc. can make you feel uncomfortable. And for that reason, you have to turn off the notifications in Steam App.

No doubt, Steam is a very good app which given many interesting features but the notifications are just a problem and to every problem, there is a solution available.

I have written this article to help you solve this problem. It’s very simple and easy to do all the steps given in this article. I hope, you can do it effortlessly to enjoy your games more comfortably.

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