How to stop Mouse Wheel from Zooming – Easy Steps to Follow

How to stop Mouse Wheel from Zooming

How to stop Mouse Wheel from Zooming – Easy Steps to Follow

In this article, you’ll be able to find ways to solve the problem of zooming from the mouse wheel. The basic function of the mouse wheel is to scroll. But it also helps in zooming in and out the screen.


PC users and Laptop users both can face this problem. If your mouse doesn’t stop zooming from the mouse wheel or you just want to enable the scroll feature. Then, read this article to see the causes of this problem and how to solve them in just some minutes.

Method # 1: Stuck Ctrl Key

When the Ctrl key on your keyboard gets stuck or it is turned on in some other way, even if you have not pressed it. Then, using the mouse wheel results in zooming in or out of the screen. Here, I have given the way how you can check if your Ctrl key is stuck or not.

Physical Check

1. Take a look at your keyboard and look carefully at the Ctrl keys.

2. If it is pressed down looking stuck or jammed then hit it hard to make it work correctly again.

3. Now, the key should be free and you could press it easily. If it doesn’t get free, then use something to get the key out from the keyboard and then re-attach it.

This method works but if you don’t have the physically stuck key or you face the same problem after this method move to the next one.

Check On Computer

1. For opening the on-screen keyboard you have to use Ctrl + Win + O keys. If your Ctrl key will be stuck you will be able to open the on-screen keyboard by just pressing Win + O keys.

2. When the On-screen keyboard (OSK) opens, do not press any key and see that if the Ctrl keys are highlighted just like in the following picture.

If the Ctrl keys in OSK are highlighted, then it means your Ctrl key is on or pressed for some reason. You can open the keyboard to see if there is some problem with it or you should get it repaired or get a new one.

If the Ctrl key is not highlighted, then you have some other problem.

Method # 2: Disable Pinch Zoom

You can disable the pinch zoom option which can also result in zooming the screen. This method is for laptop users and those who have touchpads. Follow the steps below to disable the pinch-zoom gesture:

1. Go to the Start Menu. Click on Settings.

2. Go to Devices and then click on the Mouse.

3. Click on the ‘Additional mouse options’ under the ‘Related settings’ heading.

4. In the Mouse Properties window, go to the Device Settings tab.

5. Now, in the devices heading. Click on the touchpad.

6. Uncheck the Pinch Zoom option to disable the pinch-zoom function.

7. After this, click on Apply and then Ok.

Note: The pinch zoom settings method might be a bit change for different touchpads as they are produced by different manufacturers.

Method # 3: Disable Zoom on Roll option

This method is for those people who are facing this issue mostly in MS Excel. Microsoft Excel provides the function of zooming with a mouse wheel instead of scrolling rows and columns.

This feature can help you in many ways like, when you have a large spreadsheet you can easily zoom in to find the data you want. When you are not concerned with large spreadsheets this can be a bit of trouble for you.

To solve this issue, follow the given steps.

1. Open MS Excel from Start > All Programs (for Windows 7) > Microsoft Office > Excel.

2. Open a blank worksheet.

3. Click on the File button just located on the top-left corner.

4. From the options menu given on the left, go to Options which is usually present at the last.

5. Go to the Advanced tab.

6. In the Editing Options heading, uncheck the Zoom on roll with the IntelliMouse feature.

7. Click on OK to save the changes you made.

Now, you can check after restarting the Excel or Windows, whether the zooming problem is fixed or not.

Final Thoughts

The main cause of such a problem is the keyboard where the Ctrl key can get stuck and also the keyboard may be malfunctioned. Touchpad users can also face this issue.

I know this is very frustrating you can’t even read a single word when scrolling down because the letters become so small and when you try to scroll up the words become very large. These 3 solutions will help you a lot.

I have written this article just for you. So, that you can easily stop the mouse wheel from zooming.

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