How to Restart Discord – Ultimate Guide

How to Restart Discord

How to Restart Discord – Ultimate Guide

Communication is very important to be done while doing any task. Either you are doing office work or playing a game, communication is compulsory to achieve your task.

Without any communication and not getting in touch, one can’t easily meet the deadline. For teamwork, a proper discussion is necessary.

Every member of the team should have an idea about what is going and what requirements are necessary to achieve the task. While playing a game it is important to keep your partner up-to-date that how everything is going. For all this a proper communication platform is necessary.

For communication purposes, there are hundreds of applications that are doing well. Each app is used for a specific purpose. Some apps are just used for messaging. Others are used for calls.

These calls may be audio or video. Every app has its feature. Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many other such applications are for this purpose.

Discord is also one of them as this application keeps you in touch for communication. This app provides both video and audio features. Messaging feature is also available in this application.

What is discord?

Discord is a communication app first launched in 2015. This app was originally made for PC gamers who could communicate while easily while playing games.

Discord app can be used on any of the devices either it is Windows or Mac, Android or iOS. This application is supportive of every device and software.

Users communicate with each other by messaging, video, or audio calls, media, and private chats in the “servers”. Servers are the free spaces in the discord through which one can make new friends. Any user can start a new server and invite new friends.

Sometimes while using the application, an error can occur. Discord may not work properly sometimes due to technical issues. Discord may not open sometimes and may show a circle on the screen like trying to restart the application. The screen gets bright and blinks and shows nothing on the screen.

So, we will discuss here that how to restart discord on a laptop or PC when it is not opening. We will also let you know that how to bot this app when you have to restart the app so the data can’t be lost as some users doubt losing the data while doing a restart or uninstalling it.

How to restart discord on PC or laptop?

Sometimes the screen doesn’t show anything other than a black circle. The app continuously shows a circle like an app is restarting.

Once the app is not working or showing a black screen, you have to follow the following steps to get out of this problem. Here we will discuss it step by step.

Step 1

When the discord app is not working and showing the black screen, just turn the app off and go to the search bar. Press the window key and search for the “AppData” command there. Type this command and it will show you some figures.

Step 2

When you open the “AppData” there find the discord app. Delete the discord folder from here. Now run your machine and run the discord app here. This method will work properly once applied.

Alternative way

After applying the first method the app will work properly but there is no surety about it is the app will work or not. So here is another method by which the discord app can restart when it is not working.

The other way to know that how to reboot the discord app while it is not opening is to check its compatibility. It should be checked either the discord app is compatible with the system or not.

This can be checked by knowing the version of the application for which system it is useable. Allow discord to run with a compatible machine so it may work properly.

Now the thing is that how you can check that if the system is compatible with discord. For this, you have to follow these steps to check machine performance according to discord.

Step 1

Open the search bar and look for the discord app in it.

Step 2

After opening the discord app, open the properties of it.

Step 3

Once you get the properties of discord, look for the compatibility option there. Click on the compatibility option.

Step 4

Check the checkbox there showing “Run this program in Compatible mode for”. Here select the Windows XP service pack

Step 5:

In the last step, save the program file, and after it tries to run discord. It will work for sure.

If the mic is not working or making audio issues then restart it once. You can check the problem and get over it. At first, you have to click on the setting tab, and then click on the voice and video option in the section, where you can check the setting related to audio by using self-test and can check why your voice is not perceptible on the discord bot.

If you still find difficulty in starting discord then you can restart the setting of discord by following these steps.

Step 1: First of all, delete the app and then reinstall it.

Step 2: Open the web browser and then type, now login to this link and enjoy chatting with friends on discord.

How to restart the discord bot server?

Restart means removing all the channels and permissions. All discord rules and data will be removed once restarted. But you can’t remove all the channels and permissions at once.

These are to be removed one by one. For removing all the permissions and channels from discord you have to select them one by one. So, two things that are needed while booting the discord are.

  1. Members of the channel should be saved
  2. All the channels and permissions should be removed

Some codes can be followed to export and save the members from the channel.

How to refresh the discord app?

 You need to refresh discord when you are facing problems like your mic is not working or you find the server offline while he is online or to find direct messages.

Another easy method to refresh discord is by just pressing the hotkey or CTRL+R.

You need to refresh discord when you are facing problems like:

1: Some people face difficulty in using the mic. The mic stops working when the user speaks or when the option of the mic is pushed, it stops functioning.

2: A problem that is reported by many people while using the app is that the server shows the person on the other side offline while he is online. By refreshing the app, the problem is solved.

3: You can also refresh the app if you need to find the direct messages you have just received.

However, in mobile phones, there is no way to refresh discord so if you face any problem of echo or volume, just delete and then reinstall the app.


In the above discussion, all methods are described that how can we refresh the app and how can we restart the app without losing any members.

The only thing that should be followed is that you must have a backup in CSV and then uninstall the bot and reinstall it.


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