How to Make a Circle in Minecraft – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft – Easy Steps to Follow

We are living in the age of technology. With the advent of computers and then mobile phones everything in the world is a click away from us.

This has brought great ease in life. Also, it has decreased the physical contact between human beings. It did affect the social life of people but that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. Along with many other perks, technology also brought forth gaming.

The trend of playing indoor games has increased manifold. Video games are popular among youngsters and adults alike. They allow them to relax and learn something.

In addition, gaming also improves problem-solving skills. Studies have shown that gaming helps reduce depression and anxiety. Gaming has a positive impact on memory and improves spatial coordination.

Many video games are available for people to kill time and rewind. Minecraft is one such game available worldwide for people of all age groups to play and spend their free time leisurely.

It is the best example of a game that is both informative as well as a source of entertainment.

Before learning how to make a circle in Minecraft first let’s learn what Minecraft is.

I am sure you are as excited as I was when I first learnt about it.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the best selling video games of all times created in the Java programming language. It was first launched in 2011 and had 126 million monthly active users as of  2020. It has received critical acclaim, won many awards and several spin-off games have been produced.

Now the question is what makes the game so popular? Let’s look into it.

The game is a 3D sandbox game in which players explore their surroundings and extract raw material from them. That raw material is termed as “ blocks “. These blocks represent different stuff like dirt, stones, tree trunks, lava, water etc and players can “mine” them and use them to build things.

It also has a material named “Redstone” that can be used to make primitive electrical circuits etc, hence, involving physics in the game and making it more interesting.

It has many modes and a multiplayer option too. Like all the other games, there’s an achievement and scoring system that keeps the players engaged. In addition to that, it involves problem-solving skills, maths, and engineering lessons.

It helps improve focus, promotes creativity and teamwork, and gives a boost to confidence. Interesting thing is that it also has an educational use, it has been made available and accessible for schools in different parts of the world and teachers are using it very efficiently in preparing their lessons. Cool, isn’t it?

Why is making a circle in Minecraft considered tricky

The reason people find making circles difficult is that the game is pixelated and the blocks are all squares or cubes. The blocks in Minecraft are arranged in a 3D grid. When any block is displayed on the screen it is made up of many small units. The smallest controllable element of the picture being displayed on your screen is a pixel.

Dealing with pixels is hard in itself. Here we have two issues, the pixels and the shape of the blocks. Keeping both of these in mind a circle has to be drawn, that is why people think that making circular shapes like circles and spheres in Minecraft is tiresome.

However, once you are done reading our guide you won’t be one of those people who find it tough.

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft

As I already told you Minecraft is a pixelated game hence there’s no way of creating a true curve but still, a circle can be made. Let me explain it to you step by step.

So, let’s get started.

Step One

To make a circle, you need to, choose any material of your choice i.e blocks. There’s no specification, you can make a circle using blocks of any material. The results will be the same.

Step Two

You will have to choose the diameter of your circle, it will be measured as the number of blocks.

It’s better to choose an odd number, it will, make the process of laying down more blocks easier.

For instance, if your circle has 21  blocks, you will lay down 21 blocks in the form of a straight line. Then count them and place another block perpendicularly on both sides of the middle block ( in this case it will be the 11th block).

Whatever diameter you choose, do this simple math according to it.

Step Three

After doing this, you have to place 9 blocks out on each side, in this way you will make a ‘+’ sign. It has got 4 tips on which you will expand the circle further. The number of blocks to be placed on each side will change according to the diameter you chose, so keep that in mind.

Step Four

You have got 4 tips to work on now. Regardless of the diameter, each outermost edge of the circle has to be 5 blocks long. You will do this by placing two blocks on each side of the tip.

Do this for all 4 tips.

Now you see a bit of that circular shape that you wanted, don’t you?

Step Five

After doing this you would finish the outline of the circle, for that build out each corner in the direction in which the edges are facing. Using 2 blocks for this will be more than enough.

See your outline is complete!

Step Six

After being done with the basic design, to finish the edges of the circle you would want to add miniature ‘L’ using three blocks to fill all the gaps in the outline.

Keep doing this till there is no gap left.

Step seven

Your circle is complete. Fill it or leave it hollow.

Other ways

You may find other ways online or from other people, they are fine too. The main thing is that in the world of Minecraft everything consists of squares and cubes, making anything round using them depends on how wisely you stack them. Once you learn that nothing is holding you back from being a pro in playing your favourite game.

And the way that we learnt, isn’t it the coolest?


Gaming is a great way of unwinding and relieving stress. It surely helps you to connect with friends and brings the joy of doing stuff together. Some games are really easy to play while others require some effort.

You don’t need to worry if you encounter difficulty while playing your favourite game. Consult a friend, if they have been following us, they surely know all the cool stuff and if they don’t, just search it.

We are here to take care of that for you and bring you new hacks to overcome all the hurdles.  When someone asks you the next time, HOW TO MAKE A CIRCLE IN MINECRAFT you can surely teach them and leave them awestruck.

So, here’s to an intense gaming session with friends or family, with the newly learnt hack about your favourite game.

So gather all the blocks you want and make your circle!


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