How to Leave a Discord Voice Channel – 2 Methods to Follow

How to Leave a Discord Voice Channel

How to Leave a Discord Voice Channel – 2 Methods to Follow

Discord is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world right now. Most gamers use this app while playing multiplayer games or streaming. This app is full of features.

One of its most famous features is the “voice channel”. It is very simple to join the discord.

Similarly, it is quite straightforward to leave the app whenever you need it. But sometimes one can have issues leaving the channel. If you are facing such an issue you don’t need to panic.

It is quite simple and here we will tell you that how you can tackle this problem and get out of this if you ever face it. Here we will discuss different methods of it.

Method 1: How one can leave a voice channel on discord on the discord mobile app

This is quite easy to leave a discord voice channel on your mobile. If you are using the discord app on the mobile and you want to leave it, you just have to follow the steps to achieve your task.

Here these steps are discussed in detail. Let’s see how it works

  • Launch the Discord app on your phone if it is not already on your phone.
  • In the next step, move to the voice channel where you want to leave it.
  • Here you will notice a green color signal on the top of your screen. This will identify that you are connected to the voice channel at that moment.
  • Now tap on the green button showing on the top of your screen. This button will bring the channel settings. There you will see few options on the channel settings.
  • At the bottom, you will see a red button that is to disconnect. Tap on this red button.
  • Instantly, you will hear a beep or a notification sound that identifies that the discord is disconnected. This beep tells that you have left the discord and successfully disconnected from the app.

If you follow the above steps in sequence, you will disconnect from the app very easily.

 Method 2: How one can leave a voice channel in a discord desktop app?

If you are using discord on the desktop and are facing trouble for leaving the voice channel you have to follow these steps.

Here the whole process will be described in detail that how the discord voice channel can be left on the desktop. Here it is described step by step.

  • On the desktop PC, launch your discord app.
  • Here you will see a button named “voice connected” at the bottom when you are in the voice channel. This button will be located at the left corner of the screen at the bottom.
  • Now you want to disconnect the voice channel, click on the “disconnect” that is present next to the voice connected icon at the bottom left corner. The disconnect button will look like a “phone with X” icon on it.
  • At this stage, you will hear a beep or sound of a notification from your desktop PC. This notification will identify that you are no longer part of the discord voice channel.

By following these steps, you will easily able to remove yourself from the discord voice channel.

How to mute a voice channel user in discord?

Sometimes you are irritated with someone and don’t want to hear some particular person. But you don’t want to leave the discord channel. At this stage, you can have a solution.

You can mute a specific person on discord. You will not get notified by him. It is quite easy and here we will explain it in detail.

  • At first, you have to be present at that channel where you want to mute that specific user.
  • At the left sidebar or channel menu, you will see a block. Here you will see the names of all users who are currently active
  • There you just right-click on the name of the user that you want to mute.
  • When you will right-click on the name, an overlay menu will appear on the screen.
  • From there, you have to click on the “mute” option from the overlay menu and the target person will be muted for you.

How to delete a discord voice channel?

If you are not willing to have a discord voice channel anymore and you want to delete it, then it is quite easy to do. As long as you are the owner or admin of the discord account, you can easily fix it.

To completely delete the channel, you have to follow the steps and you will easily able to delete the channel. Here these are explained step by step.

  • Right-click on the channel that wishes to remove.
  • There you will see a popup box on the screen.
  • In the popup box option for “delete” will be appeared.
  • A confirmation caution will have to appear once again when you will try to delete the channel. Click on delete once more after the confirmation.

Here you can also delete the discord voice channel very easily by following the steps and you will achieve your target.

How to leave a discord server from your device?

Other than the discord voice channel, there is also a discord server in the app. The server is a little different from the voice channel but it is important for you to have an idea that how you can leave the server if you have joined it.

  • Launch the Discord app on your device and open it if you have not already.
  • Then go to the server from which you want to leave it. Here click on the server’s name to leave it.
  • All the names of the server are located on the left sidebar.
  • Now, you just have to click on the name of the server, which is located on the top left corner of your screen
  • Click on it and you will see an overlay menu bar.
  • From this menu bar, you have to click on the “leave server” option.
  • After leaving you will get an instant notification or a beep. This beep or notification will alert you that you are not part discord server anymore.


Discord is a very vast app and has a lot of features. Millions of gamers are using this app for chatting so lot of features are added for them in this app. But this can be overwhelming for a new user when he gets so many features at a time.

So, if you are a new user and are not familiar with this app, you can have a hard time regarding this app that how you can leave it. Because of this, we have shared the best ideas we have for new users so they can get out of trouble if they are facing it.

We have explained all about how to leave, mute, or delete a voice channel. Also, if you are a discord server, you can easily leave the discord server by following the steps.

In the above methods, all the guidelines are shared for both mobile and PC users. This post will be helpful for you and you can use discord more easily and confidently after using it.


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