How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One – Easy Steps

How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

How to get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

Minecraft is the most loved game for many people and it is also loved today. A game with 3-D blocky worlds where you have many adventures like finding things and much more. You can build structures, buildings, etc. For instance, you can build from the smallest home to the larger castles.

Sometimes we are used to an environment and get boring. So, we want something new, interesting, and something new to explore. Using only one skin of a character may result in the same situation.

Changing the skin of the character can be fun in Minecraft where you have a lot to discover. Unfortunately, the Character customization feature or changing the skin of the character feature is not available on all the devices. Xbox One is one of them.


Xbox One has users from worldwide. But there still arises this burning question that how to get custom skins in Minecraft on Xbox One. PC users have no problem getting skins. Minecraft windows version also has this feature but the question is that why Microsoft’s Xbox doesn’t have this feature.

There are many ways to download the skins and get the customs skins by the apps, using some hacks, etc.

You can install the custom skins with an app called “MC Addons Manager” developed by Osaxely. This app is available for Xbox One.

There are many videos on Youtube where people have described many other methods in their video to get custom skins in Minecraft Xbox One. Unfortunately, these methods can work but may break your system. If you will try to cheat and hack the system it can void the warranty of the console itself.

I would recommend you to not try such methods so you don’t have to lose your console. But still, if you are eager to get the custom skins. Do it at your own risk. Some methods are given below:

Method # 1:

This method is described by a Youtuber ‘Shifteryplays’ and hopefully, it works. This method requires an extra app ‘MC Addons Manager’ which you can install from MS Store. Follow the steps below to get skin packs in Minecraft on Xbox One.

1. Download and install the MC Addons Manager app from Microsoft Store on Xbox One.

How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

2. After then, open Microsoft Edge and go to “”. Go to skins sections and click on skin packs.

How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

3. Download the skin pack you want by downloading the zip file from the download links or other links given in the download heading.

How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

4. Now, open the MC Addons Manager app. Click on Import and browse where you have downloaded the pack if needed. Import the skin pack.

How to Get Custom Skins on Minecraft Xbox One

5. If you will open Minecraft after this, the skins will not appear in the skins section. So what do you have to do now? Sign out from your Xbox One account.

6. Sign in again and open the Minecraft app.

7. Now go to ‘edit character’ and then in the skins section. You will be able to find the skins you downloaded.

Method # 2:

This method can be difficult for you but you can try this too. This method is described by Youtuber ‘JustHK’. Follow these steps:

1. First of all, go to MS Store and download the ‘My Files Explorer’ app which costs $2.59. You don’t have to pay for the trial period. So you can use it for the trial period and install the skin packs which you want in Minecraft.

2. After installing My Files Explorer, open Microsoft Edge and go to either or to download the skin pack.

3. Download the zip file of the skin pack.

4. After then, open the My Files Explorer app. (If the names of the folders don’t display you will have to hover on each folder to know its name)

5. Now click on the three dots on the top-right corner.

6. Choose Add Folder to Library. A window will appear.

7. Search for the UserMgr0 folder. Once you got that. Choose Select.

8. On the main screen of the downloaded app. Hover over the folders to find the UserMgr0 folder. Open it.

9. Go to Downloads where you have downloaded the skin pack. Extract the skin pack.

10. Open the extracted folder. You will have another folder inside it. Copy it.

11. From the options on the left side. Go to This Device. Choose the Isolated Storage folder.

12. On the top you’ll have an address given. Click on packages. Scroll down to find and open Microsoft.MinecraftUWPConsole_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder.

13. Go to Local state>games>com. mojang. Here you should have a skin_packs folder if you don’t have to make a new folder.

14. In the skin_packs folder, paste the copied skin pack folder. Now exit from the app.

15. Open Minecraft, sign out, and sign in. And you may find your skin pack there.

Note: Every time you open Minecraft you will have to do sign out and sign in to get it to work.


These methods are risky and you may result in getting nothing. Any authentic or properly working method is not described yet. So it will be better to wait for Microsoft to bring the custom skin feature in Minecraft in Xbox One.

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