How to Get a Barrier Block in Minecraft? – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Get a Barrier Block in Minecraft

How to Get a Barrier Block in Minecraft? – Easy Steps to Follow

Are you looking for how to get a barrier block in Minecraft to protect your items from other players?

Every Minecraft lover hates to see their area mobbed or destroyed by other players. After all, it is their virtual world where they play and work to set it at its best. It would be best if you got something to increase your security. Then, are you thinking over how to get a barrier block in Minecraft? Indeed, it will be a smart move to protect some of your areas as a no-go area for other players.

Read on the article until the end to get hold of easy steps for getting a barrier block in Minecraft. Keep on following to know Markus Persson’s Minecraft got a new addition of barrier block and what it is actually.

What is a Barrier Block?

The invisible block is the barrier block. The bedrock has a better substitute to serve you in your protection. The “Invisible Bedrock” serves as the new upgrade in the Bedrock edition.

You can feel relax because this barrier block is indestructible. Being the particle of the client-side, all the barrier blocks hold the same sign of red circle and a slash only when the players hold the barrier blocks in hand while playing Creative in safe mode.


The particles’ regular range is the limitation to the effect’s range. Moreover, it has clear visibility only once the holder holds the block barrier in hand.  Surprisingly, it has all of the Bedrock features, with 3 points more strength than the older ones and -1 for the hardness.

Fun Trivia

Three kinds of blocks remain invisible to the Minecraft players. Structure void and air are the other blocks.

Map Builder can design their world with these barrier blocks. For instance, blocks are a stellar way to constrain players’ entrance in a specific area until the player is playing in Creative mode.

Minecraft only has a barrier block as the transparent block.

How to find a barrier block in Minecraft?

You will not find this block in the creative inventory. You will search for it in the inventory, and nothing will pop up. Furthermore, you have to get a barrier block through a command. Type a command:

/give @p barrier.

It will give you one barrier then. However, typing like the below command, you will get the desired quantity of barrier blocks you mentioned; in the commands.

/give @p minecraft:barrier <amount> (putting “minecraft:”

It is optional for you to type Minecraft. Moreover, the barrier blocks remain unattainable in Survival. You need to enable your cheats and use the barrier blocks then only.

Ways to enter the command:

v  Java Edition- PC/MAC: You have to Press the key T for opening its chat window.

v  The Pocket Edition – PE: You have to hit the  chat button.

v  Nintendo Switch has the  key. Press your right arrow.

v  Windows 10 edition got T Press it for opening the window.

v  Education Edition also has T. Press it for opening your chat window.

It will remain only visible when it remains in your hands; as soon you place it down and move to the next thing, it will turn to be invisible. In survival mode, all you can do is select them and have a lock. Else you can do nothing to erase or remove them.

You cannot do anything about it. Don’t think about crafting the barrier blocks by crafting them in the tables or craft furnaces. Technically, these cheat, so they got far way more quantity of the blast resistance instead of other blocks in the Minecraft.

Purpose of barrier block in Minecraft

These images of Barrier blocks that look more like a do not cross symbol are highly reliable sources for safety in Minecraft. None of the players can steal or destroy the items of other players when they have strong protection of barrier blocks. Get red squares little blocks using your cheats or in-game commands.

Barrier blocks remain an excellent tool for hiding the tools of players from other players. Even you can leave your things tension-free without any supervision with the barrier blocks. Creepers cannot blow up your items with the solid defensive measure, barrier blocks.

Don’t think of pushing barrier blocks by pistons. Do you know what these pistons are? Minecraft got the blocks that are pistons, and players use them to push out other blocks from their ways. However, if the players somehow find a way to break the barrier block, it is impossible to do so without getting into a challenge.

Therefore, it is sure to get your barrier blocks placed in the right spot before you put them. Moreover, keep in mind to have a proper way to access the items you barricade with these blocks.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, you have to learn how to get a barrier block in Minecraft. You need to get in through Java to enter the command and get a barrier block in your inventory. Make sure you think ahead of placing it. You will see its outline after its placement.

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