How to Fix Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller – Easy Steps

How to Fix Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller

How to Fix Headphone Jack on Xbox One Controller – Easy Steps

In this particular article, I am going to tell you the solutions if you have a problem while connecting a headphone on Xbox one controller.

If the headphone jack isn’t working, then problems can appear like having less sound in headphones, no audio in headphones, or neither you can’t hear nor others can hear your voice.


Nothing to worry about even if you have recently bought the Xbox One Controller, I have given some methods you must try to make your headphone jack work again.

Method # 1: Using some pin or a stick

First, take a small pin or a small stick that can be inserted into the headphone jack on your controller. After inserting it in the jack, hit on the stick with something hard. This will make the connections tighter and this should result in a working headphone jack.

After this process, plug in the headphones and check to see if it works properly. This method is very effective and will surely solve your problem.

Method # 2: Check the Headphones

The devices which are not supported by the console cannot be used and don’t work properly. Check that your headphone is supported by the Xbox One Controller.

Another thing to check is whether the headphones are working properly or not. Use them on some other device to make sure that the speakers of the headphones are working well and its microphone too.

Also, check that the volume is not muted. If the headphones are damaged or their audio pin is damaged, repair it or get a new one.

Method # 3: Xbox One Privacy Settings

1. Press the Xbox One button present on the controller.

2. Select Settings > All Settings.

3. Now choose the Account option.

4. After this, click on the Privacy and Online Safety option.

5. Click on the View details & customize button on the right.

6. From the next window, select Communicate with voice and text.

7. Here, select with who you want to talk, such as friends or everybody.

8. Close the Settings. Check the headphones. If they work, then enjoy your games otherwise move to the next option.

Method # 4: Replace the Headphone jack

If the Headphone is compatible and working, and inserting the stick method doesn’t work you should try replacing the Headphone jack. It can be loosened or it can be defective, so replacing it is a very good option to choose.

Here, I have given the whole procedure from the opening of the controller, replacing the jack, and putting all the things back together. Follow the steps below:

1. Remove the grip panel very carefully. Start with a sharp thing and when it is slightly detached then switch to some plastic rob-shaped tool to put it between controller grip and faceplate.

2. After the first grip panel is removed. Remove the second grip panel.

3. Remove the battery door/cover. Under the sticker, there will be a screw. There are collectively 5 screws. Remove all the rear screws.

4. Remove the rear controller shell.

5. Now you’ll see a circuit board. Remove the screws of it.

6. Lift it carefully, so that no wire or any other part gets damaged.

7. The headphone jack will be present in its place, separated from the board.

8. Take it out. Insert the new headphone jack. Before putting in the new jack, clean the contacts with a toothbrush.

9. Now fix the board very carefully. And then put the screws back.

10. Put the controller’s back cover/shell in its place.

11. Put all the screws on it.

12. Re-attach the battery door.

13. Re-attach the grip panels.

Now, plug in the headphones and it should work fine.

Method # 5: Chat Mixer

After doing the above methods, try the chat setting. If you still can’t hear any sound in headphones, then follow the steps below:

1. For this, go to System Settings.

2. Select the Display & Sound option. And then choose the Volume option from the next window.

3. Now, you will see a slider to balance the party volume. You can try balancing the volume and then check whether the headphone jack works.

Method # 6: Update the Console

The outdated console may start to give errors and some of its functions may not work properly. Try to update the firmware of the Xbox console.

To check updates, Go to the System > Settings > System. Now, the Updates and Downloads section will appear. Go to the Updates tab and click the Update available option. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the console.

Now, Plug-in the headphones to see if this method works.

Final Thoughts

I have given 6 methods that you should follow to fix your headphone jack. These methods work and will give you a good result.

If after trying all the above methods, the headphones still don’t work. You should replace the Xbox One Controller. Also, check out more problem-solving articles on my website.

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