How to Download Purchased Movies From Amazon to PC – Easy Steps

How to Download Purchased Movies From Amazon to PC

How to Download Purchased Movies From Amazon to PC – Easy Steps

Streaming channels, watching video online is getting popular and when you have internet 24/7 available you will not download any kind of video. But sometimes you want to download a video or a movie to watch later or for any purpose.

Netflix is a popular platform for watching TV shows, movies, and much more interesting things. Similarly, Amazon prime video is also a very popular platform known for watching movies and TV shows.


You can download purchased movies from Amazon to Android, iPhone, and Tablet. You can also download movies in a PC or laptop app but it will be downloaded in-app, not in the PC storage.

Unfortunately, there is no such a working way to download movies to PC so that you can also transfer them to any other device. Here, in this article, you can learn how to get Movies on your PC from Amazon but again you cannot transfer them.

How to Download Movies From Amazon to PC?

To download a movie from Amazon to PC you can install any good Android Emulator on your PC to download movies. You can get just the same with Amazon Prime App. You can see the videos offline just not in the app and not outside the app neither you can transfer any movie.

Third-party tools and some software can be used to download the movies. There is a limit to everything and maybe in some third-party software you can only download the movies but in just that software like Android emulators. Below I have described some methods and you can use the one you want.

Android Emulators

You can install any good Android Emulator you want. For your guidance, BlueStacks is a popular and mostly used android emulator that is used by many PC users to play android games and use the android apps on the PC. Here’s the way to download and install BlueStacks and download movies from Amazon given below:

1. Open the browser on your PC. Search for BlueStacks and download it from the official site or download it from the link below.


2. After installing it, open the BlueStacks app and sign in to your Google Account.

3. Next open the Play Store app and download the Amazon Prime Video application.

4. Launch the app and log in to your Amazon account. You can make an account if you don’t have one.

5. After logging in, search for the movie you want to download.

6. Click on the movie. In the options available click on Download.

7. A menu will appear on the screen asking which quality you want to download.

8. After downloading, the movie will be saved in the BlueStacks application.

The limitation of this method is that you can only watch the movie on opening the BlueStacks app. You cannot transfer it because it doesn’t get saved in your PC’s location or Storage.

Amazon Prime App

Amazon Prime app is also available for PC and it can be a quick way to download movies that can be viewed offline only in the app. You can download Amazon prime from Microsoft Store in Windows 10. I have also given the way of how you can do this in a couple of minutes. Let get started,

1. First of all, turn your PC on and connect it to the internet.

2. Go to start to open Microsoft Store.

3. Search for Amazon Prime Video for Windows.

4. Click on Get.

5. After it gets installed on your PC, you can open it and sign in to use the Amazon Prime Video app and you can download the movies in it.

How to download movies from Amazon to Laptop?

Many users have a laptop and it is an amazing device that you can carry with you. The above same method is also applicable to laptops but you have to be sure that the PC or laptop meets the requirements for an App or an Android Emulator.

How to delete a movie from Amazon Prime Video App?

When you don’t need something anymore or you want to have the storage back you delete some things from your device. Follow the steps if you want to delete a movie from Amazon Prime Video App on a PC.

1. Open the Prime Video App.

2. Search for the movie you want to delete.

3. To delete a movie, click the Options button next to the Downloaded message and tap on the Delete.

Final Thoughts

Despite whether you purchase movies or not. You can download it but you can view it offline just in the app. Amazon prime video has strict limitations regarding the downloading of movies.

I have described some methods, you can follow the one you want. In my point of view, Amazon prime video doesn’t allow you to download it in Storage. So, enjoy your favorite movies in the app.

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