How To Download Apps On Vizio Tv – Easy Steps

How To Download Apps On Vizio Tv

How To Download Apps On Vizio Tv – Easy Steps

In A Nutshell

Method:1 For this method to download apps on Vizio TV, it must be running on the VIA platform. Press V on the remote and go to “connected TV Store”. Then go to “All Apps”, select your desired one press “OK”. At last click on the install icon to download the app on Vizio TV.

Method:2 Follow the second step to download apps on Vizio TV your TV must have a VIA Plus platform. Press V on the remote and go to “My Apps”. Browse and search for your desired app. When found select and press “OK”.


When we talk about Smart TV we expect them to access all our favorite applications. Now some of TV’s offer that a various number of apps yet, many of TV’s don’t. They only have a few built-in apps.

Now after a long time, Vizio TV introduced the feature in which you can download apps on Vizio TV. However, the approach has been changed over time, which is now SmaryCast.

It is necessary to inform you that all the apps required by the Vizio TV are already installed in it. All these apps are listed in the app row. If your wanted application is not on the list then you need to download it. 


Moreover, sometimes an app is not available for Vizio TV at that time. Vizio TV updates from time to time, offering you new features. The updated apps which download automatically will appear in your app list.

In addition, you can watch your required content on the TV’s Chromecast or Airplay features.


The Vizio TV comes with a built-in Google Chromecast feature. It enables you to cast many applications to your TV from computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Airplay 2

The ability of Vizio TV to airplay your favorite content through Airplay 2. It allows you to airplay from your iOS to Vizio TV.

Access To Applications

To access applications on Vizio TV click the input button and then select “SmartCast input”. Or click on the home key/V key on the remote. All the applications available on your Vizio TV will appear on the screen. Thus no downloading is required.

Connect To Internet

If you desire to access or download apps on Vizio TV you must have stable working wifi/internet.

In order to connect Vizio TV to Internet, you must know it’s a platform. The platform is the mode on which your Vizio TV is running and then decide the method of connectivity between TV and internet.

  1. Vizio Internet Apps (VIA)

Press “Menu” on Vizio TV remote and then select “Network” from the appeared list. Now select you wifi from the given list, enter the password and connect.

  1. Vizio Internet Plus Apps (Via Plus)

First of all press the menu button and select “Network”. Then highlight “Wifi Network” and click on it. If asked, enter your internet password and connect.

2 Different Methods to Install Apps on Vizio TV

All versions of Vizio TV do not allow you to download apps on it. The TV running on VIA and VIA Plus platforms will allow you to do so. Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) is found in Vizio TV from 2009-2013 whereas, Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus) is found in Vizio TV’s released in 2013-2017.

Method:1 Vizio Internet Apps

Follow the following steps to download the app on Vizio TV running on the Vizio Internet Apps platform.

  1. Press the V button near the menu button on the remote.
  1. In the second step select Connected TV Store.
  1. Then select All Apps in list that will appear on the TV.
  1. Now search for the app you want to download on Vizio TV.
  2. And click OK on the remote.
  1. Then select the Install option in the bottom of the screen.
  1. The app will be installed in no time.

This method is applicable to Vizio tvs with the Vizio Internet Apps platform. Vizio TV’s released in 2009-2013 run on this platform.

Method:2 Vizio Internet Apps Plus

This method requires a few steps to be followed. After a little effort, you can download the apps on Vizio TV.

  1. Press the V button on the remote near the center twice.
  1. Now on the TV you will see all your installed apps under the icon My Apps.
  1. Browse through all the categories and find the app you want to download on Vizio TV.
  1. Select and highlight you desire app.
  2. Press OK on the remote and do not release until you download the app on Vizio TV which you selected.
  1. The app which you wanted to download will now appear in My List section.

This method is applicable for Vizio TV’s released between the years 2013-2017. The reason behind it is that they run in the Vizio Internet Apps Plus platform.


This was our article about how to download apps on Vizio TV. We have discussed two methods step by step in order to understand better. The above methods were applied and approved.

We hope this article was helpful to you!

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