How to Download 8 Ball Pool on iMessage – Easy Steps

How to Download 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

How to Download 8 Ball Pool on iMessage – Easy Steps

There was a time when we used to go for outings with friends and play 8 ball Pool and enjoy late-night parties, but now the time has changed and everybody is busy in their life.

We don’t get the time to enjoy ourselves with friends and go for outings, but on the other hand, the internet and technology are growing day by day and making our lives beautiful, helping us to connect with each other.

Therefore, With the help of the internet, we can now play 8 ball pools online in IMessage on iPhone. 

How to download 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

As a result of the IOS 10 update on September 13, 2016. An excellent feature introduced for gaming in IMessage, this feature allows iPhone users to play games while texting with friends and enjoy both games and chatting at the same time without switching between different apps.


The discussion in the article is related to only iPhone, Ipad, and iPod. The features are only available in the IOS 10 or higher version of the IOS.

Eight-ball pool or 8 ball pool is one of the popular online games which can be played by multiple players. It’s been around for years. After the IOS 10 update, this game has become more enjoyable with the help of IMessage, which gives us a new way to enjoy 8 ball pool on IMessage.

How to get 8 ball pool on IMessage

8 ball Pool can be downloaded directly from the app store, but the easiest way to download 8 Ball Pool on iMessage is to simply open the Message app and open a blank Conversation tab and once you open it then you will need to find Appstore, The App Store is usually available on the application bar on your screen.


If you can’t find the App Store on the application bar, then tap on the 3 dots on the left side of the screen where you’ll see the App Store.

However, tap on the Appstore and there will be a search icon at the top right of the store and search for 8 ball pool and tap the Get option, after a while, the game will be installed if your internet connection is connected properly.

Follow these easy steps.

  1. Open a conversation tab In Message app.
  2. Find the App Store which will be located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the Appstore and there will be a search icon at the top right of the store and search for 8 ball pool and tap Get option.
  4. In a while the game will be installed.

After successful installation of the 8 ball Pool. The game will be added to the other apps in the app bar in the IMessage conversation tab.

Now you would simply tap on 8 ball pool Icon, and the game will appear in the chat option and then click on the send option,

  1. Once the game is installed, open a conversation tab in the message app.
  2. Click on the 3 dots which are located in the bottom of the screen there you will see the list of the apps search your game and tap on it. 
  3. Now it’s time to tap to create the game.

It means that the game has initiated and you can enjoy the game with your friends, if your friends are not online, you can enjoy playing with someone who is online

Game pigeon:

Game Pigeon is also a popular app with a pack of different games including 8 ball Pool, Mini Gulf, Paintball, Sea battle, Shuffleboard, tanks, and word hunts, and many others.

The installation process is the same as mentioned above, Open iMessage, and When chat options appear, tap on the App Store and search for a Game Pigeon and install it.

Though game pigeon on iMessage works only on an iPhone or Ipad through different apps android users can also connect and attain the IMessage Games option and enjoy with their friends.    


  • Due to regular updates, it includes new features and bug fixes
  • One of the best things is some games also support more than 2 players as well.
  • Full of some cools option like you would not purchase the app, majority of the games are free


  • Few games have no proper instruction which makes the game confusing.
  • Few games cannot be played by more than 2 players.
  • Ads make it irritating for which you will need to pay to remove ads.

Is it good to Play games on iMessage?

I would say yes because Apple makes their iPhone, Ipad, and iPod well-equipped machines, and in 2021 iPhone are quite good and technological advanced as compared to other brands and features like IMessage enhance the abilities of iPhone and make people more attractive, and you will find many more games and fun activities.

This article explains how to download 8 Ball Pool on IMessage, know about the game pigeon app, and to play and enjoy online games with your friends.

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