How To Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram At Once – Easy Steps

How To Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram At Once

How To Delete Multiple Pictures On Instagram At Once – Easy Steps

The best solutions to clear out your Instagram feed and mass delete unwanted photos at once

Instagram has become the new must-have social media platform. People can share their photos, videos, daily life stories and connect with their friends and followers.

If you want to give a new look to your account, you might want to delete numerous unwanted photos that no longer go with your feed.

If you are looking for an authentic app of How to delete a post on Instagram 2020 and 2021, you have landed on the correct destination.


If you are an avid user of Instagram and then you must already know that Instagram doesn’t allow users to delete multiple pictures at once. You can manually delete these photos one by one, but there are alternative methods available over the internet for deleting bulk photos.

Also, some third-party apps can mass delete Instagram posts on a computer with a single tap. So let’s learn how to do it effortlessly.

Method 1:

How to delete one photo from multiple photos on Instagram?

First, let’s learn how to delete an individual photo on Instagram.

1.First, start the Instagram app on your computer or smartphone.

2.On the bottom right of the page, click the icon of the profile menu.

3.Now, tap on the picture that you want to delete.

4.Once it is open, click the icon of 3 dots on the top right corner.

5.A menu of options will appear on the screen.

6.Click “Delete” from the options on the list.

7.A dialogue box with two options will appear i.e. Archive or Delete.

  1. You can archive the photo. If you don’t want to delete it, you still want to hide it from others.

9.If you are sure to delete it for everyone, simply click on “Delete”.

It’s as simple as that to delete any single photo on Instagram. But if you have a stash of unwanted photos and want to delete them at once, then method 2 is for you.

Method 2:

As we mentioned earlier, third-party apps can do the job for Instagram delete photos. Although there are many apps available on the internet, not every App can give good results. So we have short-listed some top apps that can be mass delete for Instagram IOS and android too.

1.Instant cleaner for Instagram

2.Mass Delete for Instagram

3.Cleaner for Instagram. Block, Delete, and Unfollow.

Let learn step by step to use these Apps.

1.Instant cleaner for Instagram

This is the most favorite App by users of How to delete all Instagram posts 2021. The options available in the App are:

  • Bulk deletion of posts
  • Mass users unfollowing
  • Bulk followers blocking

Unlike bulk videos and Photos

You are a few steps away from the cleansing of your Instagram.

1.Download the app and install it on your smartphone.

2.After entering your account details, you will enter another page.

3.On the bottom bar, click “Posts” and your screen will display videos and photos from your Instagram account.

4.Choose the videos and pictures that you would like to remove.

5.Now click “Delete” from the top bar.

6.Here you go, your data will start to delete.

For full access, you can buy the paid version of the App. The free version allows only 15 options with 5 photos under each option.

2.Mass Delete for Instagram

This App comes with a variety of options and zero limitations. Actions like Mass deletion, mass unlike, mass follow, and unfollow can be performed easily through this. The layout of this App is just like Instant cleaner for Instagram so just follow the steps mentioned above to delete multiple pictures on Instagram at once.

You need a third-party website to download this App. After downloading, enter your username and Password. Although the website claims not to store your passwords, still secure your Password as they keep your username. It’s better to change your Password after performing the task on this App for additional security.

You can have more information about this App from Mass delete Instagram posts Reddit.

3.Cleaner for Instagram. Block, Delete, and Unfollow

1.Download the App from the App Store or Google play store.

2.Launch the app when the installation is complete.

3.Log into the App with your user name and Password.

4.On the bottom bar, tap the “Media” option. Your videos and pictures of Instagram will be displayed there.

5.Choose the photos and videos that you want to delete then tap on the round button.

6.A menu of options will appear. Click Delete from the options.

7.A dialogue box of confirmation will appear. Click Start Now and your selected data will be deleted at once.

Purchase the App for full access as the free version offers only 50 deleting operations.


Now you know How to delete Instagram photos fast on computers and smartphones. So you can do it without any hassle with the help of above mentioned third-party apps.

If you have been over-sharing, then it’s time to cleanse your Instagram feed and delete all the old or irrelevant photos and videos. Also, it is important for the protection of your online privacy.

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