How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture

How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture

How to Connect Two TVs Together to Display the Same Picture

Nowadays, connecting two TVs for the same display is becoming more of a trend. It does not matter if you are into gaming or you are a movie lover.

If you are someone who wants to upgrade his setup then you must have been wondering how you can connect two TVs to display the same picture.

Connecting two TVs to display the same picture is very easy and it can be done by multiple methods. If you can connect two computers together you can also allow the two computers to display the same picture and for that, you would not need separate receivers or cable antennas.

With the help of video cables, you can link the two different TVs. You can use RCA Audio cable as well. If you link the two TVs to a common cable box in order to view the same picture.

In this article, we will discuss the detailed methods for connecting two TVs to display the same picture.

How to connect two TVs together to display the same picture:

Building up the connections:

If you are willing to display the screen on two or more than two screens, it can be done by putting the HDMI cable from each TV to a media source.

Here is the step by step guide:

  • First of all, you have to plug an HDMI splitter into the media box in order to create two separate plugs rather than one.
  • Secondly, plug both of the TVs HDMI cables into the splitter and run both the TVs at the same time to make sure there is no problem.
  • As a result, the TVs will start sharing the same display. If you make changes to one of the two TVs, it would not affect the second the TV. Which means you can use the two TVs for different operations for your good.

Syncing two TVs together via a single source:

Commonly, people use two monitors for displaying the same picture or displays. If you want to connect two TVs located in two different rooms, it can be done easily.

In order to link the two TVs together you will need a single media resource. It has only one drawback which is you cannot play different channels on both the TVs simultaneously.


Some gamers like to have a bigger display, for that they link numerous screens. You may have seen numerous TV screens displaying the same picture while being in separate rooms.

Mostly in gaming zones. They are connected together with the help of a single source connector. This is done so that the players can focus on their screens and play the game from adjacent positions.

Chrome cast Television Link:

A chromecast will also get the job done but it does not operate like other cable boxes. A chromecast does not need an HDMI cable to connect the TVs like the other media sources. In these media sources, TVs link up through a cast system or a USB port and a wireless connection is established.

Cast system uses a number of screens to display the picture using a special process. It can also display multiple displays on one single screen.

You will need a chromecast extension so that you can add it to your chromecast. Which will help you place the boxes into the right corners of the control panel. This indicates that the two screens are linked up to one another. So, you can display the content you want to with the help of casting.

If you want it otherwise and are willing to play two different displays on both the two screens, you can do so by opening a new tab and then opening the content you want.

After that, choose the second TV screen on top corner of the TV in order to display the content you want. This is the simple and easy way to display two different displays with the help of chromecast.

Linking two TVs together:

Displaying the same screens on different monitors has become a general need nowadays. Its purpose can be anything whether you are desiring some high quality gaming or are willing to watch movies at a high quality display.

Here are the simple steps for the linking up the two monitors:

  1. Firstly, you need to access the inputs of your Monitor and you also need to make sure that you have the same RCA. The HD TVs allow to display a wide range of inputs. If you are willing to have the same HD resolution go for HDMI inputs.
  2. Secondly, you will have to plug the output source of your video into the input of your distribution amplifier. After doing that, connect the cables from the video distributor to video inputs of the two Monitors you want to connect together.
  3. With the help of the remote control of your TV, choose the right video inputs.

This was it for our article. In this article we shared detailed methods for connecting two TVs to display the same picture.


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