How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock – Easy Steps

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock

How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock – Easy Steps

If you have a Nintendo Switch and you want to connect it to the TV you will need a Dock that comes with the Switch. But what if you don’t have the Dock.

It can be accidentally broken or something bad happens to it or simply you just got the old working switch from somebody without dock. Also, the Dock can become malfunctioned. Whatever happens, the thing you just have is the Switch.


If you don’t have a dock you can still connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV but for that, you’ll need some cables.

Here in this article, you will find the way to connect the Switch to your TV without Dock. Just read the article to the end and you’ll have to buy some cables from the market or get them online.

Cables and Ports

Today in this world where everything is possible. If you don’t have a device some cables can help you. To connect a Switch to a TV without Dock needs cables. For that, your Switch will have a USB-C port and of course, a TV comes with an HDMI port in this modern world.

HDMI which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface is an excellent option to transmit audio and video simultaneously from source to visual and audio device like a TV.

Nintendo Switch is only used for gaming, it is very popular and used by many gamers. Nintendo Switch with the dock is a portable device. It means you can easily set up the dock and the switch. Similarly, it is also easy to connect your Nintendo device to a TV without Dock.

The cable which you will need to buy must have HDMI on its one end and the other end should have USB type-C.

How to connect Switch to TV without Dock?

Sometimes we accidentally lose a thing that we don’t want to lose. Unexpected things happen in our life. For some reason, if you don’t have Dock for your Nintendo Switch, we tried to explain the method which you can use to get what you want.

  • Get an HDMI to USB-C port converter cable to connect the Switch to the TV.
  • Now you have to connect the USB-C portend to the Switch and the other HDMI end to the back of your TV where the HDMI port is available.
  • Now your Nintendo Switch is connected to the TV without Dock but how to power your Switch and charge it while you are using as it gets charged from its dock.
  • After all the work you need to supply power to the Switch. For that, Switch already comes with the AC adapter. If you don’t have it you will have to buy it.
  • Connect your AC adapter to the Switch and to the Socket to supply the power. If this works properly you’ll be able to power up your Switch and you can charge the Switch while using it.
  • Now turn your Switch on and also the TV to see if this method works.

Nintendo Switch Lite

This method for connecting Switch to TV without Dock may not work for Switch Lite as it doesn’t come with such a feature. You’ll need a Dock to get it to work.

Final Thoughts

Connecting cables and doing all this stuff can be a trouble for someone but you can do it easily and with proper care after reading this article as you have all the basic knowledge for it.

Using new cables may work efficiently. Old cables may not work. I hope this method works for all of you so that you can enjoy your games.

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