How To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without A Remote – Easy Steps

How To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without A Remote

How To Connect Roku Tv To Wifi Without A Remote – Easy Steps


Method:1 (Wireless Connection) To connect your Roku TV to wireless WiFi without a remote you will first have to install the Roku app which is a Roku TV remote for your phone. Go to Home>Settings>Network>Set up connection. Follow this order and you will reach WiFi networks available near your Roku TV. Choose your WiFi and connect to it. Enter password if required.

Method:2 (Wired Connection) For a wired connection you will need an Ethernet Cable. Search Ethernet Cable Port on your TV’s backside. Once you have found it, connect one end of the Ethernet Cable to the TV and the other end to the WiFi router. Or just connect a USB Ethernet adaptor to your TV if it does not have the Ethernet port. Go home by Roku app and follow the order Settings>Networks>Setup Connection>Wired Connection. Select your WiFi network, now the TV will connect automatically to the network.

Note: The above-discussed methods are discussed in a detailed step-by-step manner below in the article. So read the complete article for further information.


In today’s modern world, we see a variety of good quality TVs out there that are worth discussing. These TVs offer you different qualities and features. Some are very easy to use and affordable while others are not. For this reason, Roku TV is one of the best TVs, it is affordable, smart, and up-to-date.


Moreover, nowadays people have high expectations from the technical device they buy. One of the features that online users look forward to is the WiFi compatibility of their smart TV.

As there is a wide range of content on different online streaming platforms which is accessible through the internet only, so you need a WiFi connection.

Altogether it results in the conclusion that nowadays what you want and need the most is the Roku TV. It is affordable, has new features, and is compatible with WiFi. The new models of Roku TV come with a remote that makes it very easy to use the TV.

There are times when your Vizio TV remote runs out of charge or you lose it, in a critical situation. For this purpose, you should have an additional remote.

But, in case you don’t have any, don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article, we will help you connect your Roku TV to WiFi without a remote.

As you are here for a very obvious motive, let us not make you wait any longer. With this hope that you will be able to connect Roku TV to WiFi without a remote, let’s jump into the article for details.

Download Roku App

First of all, open the Play Store or App Store on your phone. Search for the Roku app or download from the following links or both Android and iOS.

  1. Roku for Android
  2. Roku of iOS

Download the app and launch it on your phone. Once it has been installed, open it. Your phone will act as a remote once you install and open the app. You will see a remote setup on your mobile screen.

Make sure to connect the Roku App to the TV, once the connection is secured you will see a green dot at the top of the mobile screen along with the name of the drive.

Method:1 Connect Roku TV to Wireless Wifi

Roku TV has launched an app on both iOS App Store and Android Google Play that enables you to control your Roku TV via cellphone. Follow the steps given below,

Step:1 At the centre of your mobile screen click on the “Menu” icon inside the Roku app.

Step:2 Then go to “Home” by tapping on the home icon.

Step:3 Then go to ” Settings” and after that to the “Networks” by clicking on the arrow indicator.

Step:4 Find your WiFi network in the list.

Step:5 Connect to the WiFi and enter a password.

Step:6 Soon your Roku TV will connect to the WiFi.

Method:2 Connect Roku TV To Wired Wifi

Do not be disappointed if your Roku TV does not connect to WiFi wirelessly. We have got your back, a wired connection can be built between your Roku TV and WiFi router. But, this will apply only to some Roku TV devices as all of them do not have an Ethernet Cable Port.

Step:1 Look at the back of your Roku TV, find a port named “Ethernet”.

Step:2 If you find one, connect an Ethernet Cable to that port and the other end of the cable will go into the router.

Step:3 Or, use a USB Ethernet adaptor and connect in the same way to the router.

Step:4 Go to the “Homepage”  on your TV.

Step:5 Then navigate to “Settings”, after that select the “Network” option.

Step:6 Now you will see the option “Setup Network” select it through the Roku app installed in your phone.

Step:7 At last choose “Wired Network”.

Step:8 Now the TV will automatically connect to the WiFi network.

Step:9 Enter your WiFi password if required.


This was our article about how to connect Roku TV to WiFi without a remote. We have discussed two methods. Both the methods are detailed step by step discussed for better understanding.

Furthermore, the links are provided to download the Roku App directly from there. In this article make sure to bring next to you authentic ways to connect Roku TV to WiFi without a remote.

We hope this article helps!

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