How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Tv – Easy Steps

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Tv

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Tv – Easy Steps


First of all, find the dock for your Switch and open its back cover. Plugin the AC adapter into the top port and then connect the HDMI Lead. Now you can close back the cover and place the Switch into the dock.

Remove the Joy-Cons from the Switch by slowly pressing the buttons on its back and pull out. Power on the Switch and set your TV on the correct HDMI Channel. Once you have done this you are ready to play on the big screen.


Gaming on a big screen has another level. To experience gaming on the big screen you connect the Nintendo Switch to TV but how?

In this article, we will be discussing with you how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV. This by name, reveals that Switch will enlarge your handheld to the large TV in seconds. It has the capability of 720p on a 6.2-inch screen and 1080p on TV by HDMI.


Moreover, if you have always played and are planning to play games on your handheld then you are missing out on the actual joy of gaming.

Thus, for those who want to connect Nintendo Switch to TV, this article will be really helpful. The steps will be pretty straightforward and easy. So follow the article to the end.

But, you must know that the Nintendo Switch Lite does not work on TV. Not only is it not fit for the hardware but also it doesn’t come with the dock. If the Joy-Cones do not remove from the switch it is Lite.

Firm Insertion Of The Switch

If the Switch does not output to the screen check the power and HDMI cables if they are plugged incorrectly. If the Switch is loose your handheld will still work as before

Further, moving on to the article let us suppose that you have the Nintendo original model, it’s discussed below how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV.

1.Find Switch Dock

If you have lost your switch dock then buy one from Nintendo as a replacement. Otherwise, there are other options as well, however, buy one at your own risk.

2.Open The Back Covering

Now open the back cover which you will easily be able to do. Once you have opened it you will see three ports,

  1. AC Adapter
  2. USB port
  3. HDMI Out

3.Plug-In AC Adapter

You will see that the top port is the AC adapter. Thus, plug in the AC adapter into the top port while the other side of the adapter goes to the wall socket.

4.Connect HDMI Lead

Once you have plugged in the adapter make sure to connect the Switch Dock’s HDMI in one of the ports whereas, it’s other end plugs into any spare port in the TV.

5.Route The Cable Through The Notch

As soon as you have done the above-mentioned steps you can route the cables through the Dock’s Notch and thus close the back cover.

6.Nintendo Switch Into The Dock

Now, place the Nintendo switch in the Dock, but do this step carefully. You are doing this to line up the charging port and connector (inside dock).

7.Remove Joy-Cons

Remove the Joy-Cons from the console by pressing and holding the black button on their back and slowly lift them off the switch. The Joy-Cons will charge whenever the Switch is docked which is a got point.

8.Turn On the Switch

To turn on the switch using any of the controllers. The controller can be of your own choice and preference.

9.Set TV To Correct HDMI Channel

So at last set up your TV to the exactly perfect HDMI Channel and you are ready to play your favorite games on a big screen.

You are now set to play your favorite games on the large screen instead of the handheld. You experience a huge difference in gaming.


Why connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV?

If you want to experience gaming on a large screen then you must do so. It is very easy and convenient. Follow the steps discussed above.

Which lead is needed to connect the Nintendo Switch to TV?

The HDMI Lead is needed to connect Nintendo Switch to the TV. It is plugged in the bottom part of the Dock which is labeled as “HDMI Out”

The switch does not connect to the TV. Why?

If your Switch is not connecting to the TV there are two things that you must look for,
Firstly, make sure that the power cable is connected properly.
Secondly, if the HDMI is loose the Switch will not work so connect it properly.

Why is the Switch Dock not working at all?

Remove the HDMI and power cable. Power cycle your TV And Nintendo Switch, after that plug back the cables, and try to connect them. Check if the problem is solved.


This was our article about how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV. This article carries all the important information needed to connect Nintendo Switch to TV. The above steps must be followed in order. After this, you will observe a clear difference in your gaming experience before and after.

We hope this article was helpful to you!

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