How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop – Easy Steps to Follow

For connecting the Nintendo switch to your laptop, turn on the Nintendo switch by pressing the home
button on any of the controllers connected to it. Now connect your laptop to the USB cable that came
with the Elgato HD60 capture card. After connecting it, you will see the Nintendo Switch home screen in few seconds.

In this modern world, it is very difficult to make some leisure time for a person. Everyone is so much busy in this tiring world that the idea of being free for some time is just unimaginable. And if one can get some extra time for himself then what he will likely do. Take a rest or go for an outing.

But what if one doesn’t like outings then what will he do. He can choose to play games that can help him in his leisure time. However, if he is not finding a game with good graphics, then he should move to a Nintendo switch. This small gadget is best for playing games and makes you relaxed.

Some people love Nintendo but they also like to play games on the big screen. They don’t feel easy to play on a small screen. They are frequent to play on big screens but this feature is not offered everywhere.

So, if they want to make their screens big, they have to make a bit of struggle. Here we will discuss in detail that how Nintendo can be connected to the laptop.

Things needed to connect Nintendo switch with laptop

If you want to connect a Nintendo switch with your laptop, it is possible. But for it, you need to have some equipment that will help to connect the laptop with this gadget.

The external kit is essential for it because of you try to connect the Nintendo switch without external equipment, the answer is NO. For the connection of Nintendo switch to the laptop, some external assistances are required which are

  • Nintendo Dock
  • Nintendo
  • Laptop
  • Video capture card
  • Video capture software
  • HDMI cable

What is Nintendo Dock?

The Nintendo dock also called the Nintendo Switch is a console that helps to connect your device with your laptop or TV. It is a small gaming tablet-like instrument.

Always try to buy the genuine switch that comes with the console. Some people are addicted to playing games on big screens as they don’t feel comfortable on built-in small screens, so this dock helps to get attach your laptop or TV with Nintendo.

What is a video capture card?

You must have a capture card for connecting the laptop with the Nintendo switch. The capture card is used for graphics that help to make the graphics of the game better.

This card provides high-resolution streaming for gaming on PS4 or other WIFI devices. Here are some best cards that are available in the market that helps to make your video streaming 4K HD.

  • Elgato capture cards are the best ones for this purpose that are affordable and provide the best results in terms of video streaming. It has a variety of cards from HD60 to HD60 S and HD60 pro. HD60 S is the most common card used by gamers due to its supporting facility for high-resolution videos.
  • AVerMedia capture card is another good card used for graphic purposes. These are used or live Ultra Gamer.

Video capture cards are available in the market at different prices. Their price ranges vary according to their performance and quality.

What is video capture software?

Video capturing software is essential to run the video onto the screen. This software helps to make your video attractive on the screen. OBS Studio is one of the best video capture software.

It can be downloaded or bought and this one is one of the most used software by gamers.

What is an HDMI cable?

HDMI cable is used for the connection of Nintendo with the laptop. A cable console is attached to the laptop port that makes the video visible on the screen.

Here we will discuss that how we can connect the Nintendo switch with the laptop step by step.

Step 1

Make sure that Nintendo is not connected to any other device. If Nintendo is connected to a TV or computer disconnect it first so the new connection can be made here.

Step 2

Take your HDMI cable and insert it into the port of the video capture card. This step will make sure to start the video streaming on the big screen. You have to make sure that all the steps are done in a sequence and are completed to the end.

Step 3

You already have installed the video capture software on your laptop. Turn it on and then switch off the switch by its power button.

Step 4

With the help of a USB connect the video capture card with your laptop. After installing this card make sure to on it and the software will switch on at your laptop screen.

Step 5

Now turn it on and switch to full-screen mood. The footage will be appearing on a big screen with high resolution.


All the steps that are described above are essential. Without using any of this, you can’t be able to use a laptop as your display screen. Although these methods are applicable in every window and can be applied to every laptop, here are some alternative ways by which you can be able to connect your laptop with a Nintendo switch.

Other ways

The above-discussed points are simple and are easy to apply to perform the task and make your screen big in an easy way. But other than this, there may be some additional ways by which Nintendo switch can be connected to the laptop.

Two methods that can also work for you if the Nintendo is not directly connecting to your laptop applying the above method. First, you can change your laptop or second thing is that you can install Nintendo games on your laptop.

The reason for changing the laptop is that sometimes old laptops don’t work properly for such heavy graphics, so you should have a proper good laptop that can also be helping to install Nintendo games in it.


We have shortened the technique by discussing that how a Nintendo switch can be connected to a laptop and anyone who has basic tech knowledge can easily follow these steps.

The main work is about the requirement as if one gets all the required equipment, he can easily perform his task.

By having all the obligations one can play the Nintendo Switch games on the big screen very easily at any site. You can play video games on any big screen either it is a computer or a laptop or any LCD.

But the HD resolution game displays are available in the Nintendo Switch console. You have to buy a Nintendo switch once if you have not got it yet as it is necessary if you want to have an ultra HD display

However, if one owns his Nintendo switch, he can use it and get the results on a big screen. The whole process to connect your laptop with a Nintendo switch is quite easy. You just have to follow the steps thoroughly and not skip any of the steps as all steps are crucial.

Before performing your task, you should gather all the equipment required for it like a Nintendo switch, video capture card, HDMI cable, and video capture software.

When you have gone through all these steps of the connection, you can enjoy your streaming and high-resolution games on the big screen you have just got.


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