How to Connect HP Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver – Easy Steps

How to Connect HP Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver

How to Connect HP Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver – Easy Steps

Nowadays, every computer or laptop user wants to work in a great working environment. While they are working to create a fruitful environment for themselves, they try to explore new accessories for their computer with additional features.

We all know keyboard and mouse are two of the most essential accessories for computers. Every computer user wants to have a keyboard that is perfect for their work. Every computer has a keyboard and mouse but they might not be perfect for you. 

While their search for the ideal keyboard is going on, they get to know about the wireless keyboards. Many users end up having a wireless keyboard under their palms. Owning a wireless keyboard can be very beneficial at times.

A wireless keyboard has many advantages but one notable advantage is that it comes without wires. We all know how irritating it is to handle so many wires simultaneously. But we are thankful for wireless keyboards that have reduced the overall need for wired keyboards.

What is a Wireless Keyboard?

A wireless keyboard is different from a wired keyboard because you don’t need any cables to connect it to your computer.

Rather it uses radio waves or laser technology in order to establish a connection with the wireless adapter that you have already plugged into your computer or laptop. Keyboards have an additional connectivity option which is Bluetooth.


There are numerous advantages of wireless keyboards. 

One of the major advantages of wireless keyboards is that it offers more portability than wired keyboards. So, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer anymore.

You can perform different operations with the help of your wireless keyboard. The range of your wireless adapter highly depends on the model you are using because different brands offer keyboards with different ranges of use.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the wireless keyboard works similar to a TV remote which means you have to be in direct viewing range of the wireless adapter in order for your keyboard to work properly.

But let’s not get into this and jump back to your concern, in this article we will be discussing a detailed method for connecting HP wireless keyboard without receiver.

Steps to Connect HP Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver

Here are the steps you have to follow in order to connect your HP wireless keyboard without a receiver without facing any difficulties.

  1. First of all, you need to install a new battery to your keyboard. Normally battery slots are placed at the backside of the wireless keyboards. Remember that not all the keyboards have AAA or AA batteries, some wireless keyboards come with rechargeable batteries so make sure to charge them fully and then install it to your keyboard.
  2.  As we mentioned in the article above, you can also use Bluetooth to connect your wireless keyboard with the computer. So, you have to use the Bluetooth option in order to connect your keyboard with the computer without a receiver.
  3. You need to make sure that your computer has the right Bluetooth drivers according to the version of the Bluetooth chip installed in your keyboard. Normally, your computer will download the drivers without asking you.
  4. After installing the drivers, turn on the Bluetooth mode on your keyboard. Your keyboard will have a button named as “Pairing” or “Bluetooth”. You have to press and hold that button for 5 seconds. The LED light of your keyboard will start blinking when you enter pairing mode.
  5. Now you need to open the settings of your computer. This can be done by clicking on the “Windows” icon and then searching for settings in the search bar which is located on the top right corner of your screen.
  6. After going to the settings, you need to open the “Devices” section. When you do that, click on the “Bluetooth and other devices” which is placed on the left side of your screen.
  7. A new menu will be shown on your screen, simply turn on the Bluetooth.
  8. Now you need to click on the “Add Bluetooth or other device” option.
  9. After that, your computer will display a list of devices that are ready to pair with your computer.
  10. Look for your wireless keyboard in the list. If you can’t see your keyboard, just restart the pairing mode on the keyboard.
  11. Just pair it with your keyboard. Remember that in many wireless keyboards there are some additional steps to follow.
  12. After you have paired successfully, just click on the “Done” button and you are ready to go.

That was it for our article about how to connect HP wireless keyboard without receiver. People find it hard to connect their HP wireless keyboards without a receiver. So, yeah it is very easy to do so without any problems.


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