How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger – Easy Way

How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger

How to Charge a NextBook Without a Charger – Easy Way

The Nextbooks are the latest computer systems which are relatively smaller in size than laptops and bigger than tablets. They are powerful enough to perform all the tasks an average laptop can. Additionally, they are portable and fun to use.

As far as the NextBook is concerned, it is one of the many brands that offer affordable laptops and tablets. But the difference between NextBook and the others is that they are making tablets with Google Android operating system.

When it comes to the hardware, they are also making it to the top. They don’t make tablets with the sleekest design. Additionally, they also don’t have the most powerful components. Rather they come with less powerful components so that they can provide affordable models.

How to charge a NextBook without a charger:

Sometimes people lose their original chargers which is normal nowadays. They try to explore new ways in order to charge their devices and they end up charging their devices with chargers of other devices which can affect their battery lives.

Some people find it hard to explore new methods for charging their devices without affecting the battery life of their devices. But don’t worry, there are solutions to every problem and in this problem we got your back.

There are multiple ways you can charge your tablet or laptop which would not affect the battery life.

So, in this article we will be discussing some of those methods which allow you to charge your laptop or tablet without damaging the battery life.

Charging with a Power Bank:

Commonly known as Power Pack as well, it is also a handy way of charging your tablet. It may cost you a considerable amount of money but believe me it’s worth it. The best thing about the Power Banks is that they are portable.

The Power Bank consists of a battery which stores all the energy and in the end that energy is used to charge your tablet. Mostly, Power Banks come with three ports. In which one is the input port and the other two are used as output ports.

The input port is used to charge the Power Bank while the output ports are used as power sources. Your tablet uses the same power source in order to charge itself.

By following these steps you can easily charge your tablet through the Power Bank.

  1. Just charge the Power Bank completely through the input port.
  2. After doing that you can take the Power Bank anywhere with you.
  3. Use it to charge your tablet when you are low on battery.

Charge your tablet with a car charger:

It is very common now, almost every vehicle has a USB port. When it comes to charging your tablet, it can be highly useful. It is pretty affordable as well so if your car doesn’t have a USB port, you can buy one.

Since these chargers offer a USB port, you will be needing a charging cable in order to charge your tablet. With the same USB port, you can charge other devices as well.

Follow these easy steps to charge your tablet from your Vehicle’s USB port.

  1. Just start your car.
  2. Switching to the “On” mode will also get the job done.
  3. Simply, plug in your charging cable in the USB port.
  4. Now, you can charge your tablet without any difficulties.

Charging with USB Ports:

Generally, USB ports are located in public places. Such as hotels and airports. These ports are efficient enough for charging any device. You won’t face any barriers since you are charging a tablet.

Again you will be needing your own charging cable. Usually, Type A cable should get the job done but since you are charging a NextBook the best option available for you is the Type C cable.

By following these easy steps you will be able to charge your Tablet easily.

  1. You need to plug in the charging side of the cable in the USB port.
  2. Plug the other side into the charging jack of your tablet.
  3. And you are done.

Using a battery to charge your battery:

The most different method of all is to use a battery in order to charge your tablet’s battery. Keep in mind that most of the devices batteries can’t be removed but not all. So make sure that the device you are using allows its battery to be removed.

Then you need AA or AAA batteries. May cost you a little bit though.  After you get the battery make sure you know the positive and negative ends of the battery. After that, get a metal wire so that you can attach it to the both ends of the battery.

You can use tape to attach the battery you want to charge with the wire. Your battery will be charged completely after doing this process.

This was our detailed guide about charging a nextbook without its original charger. We hope this article helped you in many ways.


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