How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft – Easy Steps to Follow

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft – Easy Steps to Follow

The tick speed can be changed by an easy process. For this go to your game setting and search
the random tick speed. Choose the number or add your desired number in the bar to change
your tick speed in Minecraft. Have Happy Gaming!

Today, we are living in a gaming era. Games are the best learning and observing objects for children now a day. Many productive and creative games are simply giving intelligence to the children, along with fun and gaming. Minecraft is the best sandbox video game that is developed by Mojang.

This game was originally developed in the Java programming language. From time to time, it has introduced many latest versions.

Each version brings some bug fixes and positive changes than the previous version. There are certain advantages of choosing Minecraft games, it is giving less tangible, and nonacademic entertainment and life skills to the children. It is also sharpening the mental activities of the children in a way that provides direction in doing anything.

That’s why; Minecraft is a game that is highly appreciated by the parental community for the healthy growth of their children.

Due to the immense popularity of this game among people of all ages, new versions are launched from time to time. This is amazing to note that now; you can change your game’s setting according to your mood. The tick speed that increases with every advanced level can now be increased from settings. 

What is tick speed?

Since every video game has a loop speed on which it runs. This speed is called the tick speed of the game. There is a range of tick speed that is available on Minecraft but fewer people know about this. The range of the tick speed in Minecraft varies from 0 -256 ticks per second.

The question that arises here is that; it is possible to change the tick speed to make playing easy for your kid? Many people are looking for the answer to this question.

Normally, there are 20 per second tick speed is available and that increases after going to an advanced level, the tick speed increases. But there is another option by which you can change tick speed according to your wish. You can slow or fast the tick speed by following some instructions and easy steps.

Since each tick is considered after 0.5 seconds, by following some simple steps, you can change the tick speed according to yourself. 

Default Tick Speed in Minecraft:

The default tick speed in Minecraft is the speed where game loops work regularly. The default tick speed of the mine craft is approximately 20 tick speeds per second. The default tick peed of the mine craft changes with stages. Every advanced level comes up with a higher tick speed.

There is no need to change the default tick speed if you like the normal progress of the game. But some kids do like extra fast speed so that they can manage it in a better way.

The tick speed is not only a default option for game users. Rather, by following some easy steps, this speed can be changed quickly. You should always know the command random tick speed that you want.

Step 1:

 The first step is just going to the setting. All the control buttons of this video game will be available in the setting option. So the forts step is to go to the setting while creating your world on Minecraft.

The setting options have different icons and it is easy to find this icon on your screen.

Step 2:

The random click speed is always present on the right lower corner of the settings. You can change your tick speed to as much number (n) you want to. On the first page of the setting, look for the random click speed options. Perfect if you have found this option. 

Step 3:

 It will show a bar where you can insert the desired number for the tick speed. This is easy to put the desired number of your tick speed in this box. After inserting the number of speeds you want, you can easily see the changing’s in your game.

And hare! now enjoy the perks of your favorite tick speed. 

Tick Speed Command:

There are certain cheat codes too that can help to increase or decrease the command of the tick speed. These cheat codes should be able to work during the game by using these codes, one can get the desired tick speed of the game.

There is a general command to change the tick speed and you always need to follow the command: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 100 change your random tick speed of the game. By inserting these commands, one can change the tick speed easily.

Have you followed all the above-mentioned steps? Perfect, now enjoy the game at your desired tick speed. 

Tick speeds disable:

 The increase and decrease of the tick speed are common but many people ask about disabling the tick speed. Not everyone is fond of fast speed; in this case, you can disable this option for your convenience. Again, you can follow some simple steps to change or disable the tick speed.

Although it looks like the disabling process is tough, it is a highly simple process and it is given in short steps to give you easy access.

Step 1:

The first step is the same as given above. Since everything is present in the setting, go to the setting of your game.

Step 2:

 The random tick speed will be found on the corner of the display screen of the game. Find this option select it. In this option, for changing tick speed, you can add a larger or shorter number in the range to change the tick speed, but when it comes to disabling, the process is a little bit simple.

Step 3:

This is a very simple step. For this, just insert “zero” in the bar of changing tick speed. By adding zero, the tick speed will ultimately go to zero. This process will disable the tick speed of your minecraft version.

All the above mentioned steps are the same but there is only a difference in the version of the game you own. Check your game version and make then make all the changes accordingly.

Enjoy your game because you have your random tick speed now. Play as much as you want and have fun, because now, you have your required tick speed. 


The minecraft is a highly accessible and most popular game among kids. To improve the intelligence and capacity of your kid, this game is the best practice. It has a feature called tick speed that determines the speed and regularity of the loop while playing the game. It can be increased, decreased to disable according to your mood. 

For increasing tick speed: open game> Go to settings> Go to random tick speed> click on filling bar> add a number of your choice 

For disabling tick speed: open game> Go to settings > Go to random tick speed > click on the filling bar > insert zero in bar

Cheat code: the command of the random tick speed cheat code is /gamerule randomTickSpeed 100. 

Follow these simple steps and get a tick speed of your choice. Enhance the intelligence of your child by engaging them in such healthy games. 

Have fun in your game!


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