How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4 – Ultimate Guide

How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4

How to Add a Sim to the Household in Sims 4 – Ultimate Guide

Technology has brought a lot of changes to human life. People want newness in every aspect of life. Either it comes to the medical field or the computer field, everything is bringing delights in life.

People are getting everything according to their taste and demand. In their leisure time, some people like to watch movies or other loves to play games.

And people playing games have a wonderful collection. Realistic games are loved by every game lover. And sims 4 is one of this game.

What is sims 4?

The sims 4 is a life simulation video game. Players make a sim character and control the life of characters as they want. One of the most dominant is the inheritance task. This is also called legacy challenge in which the player starts from a single, young sims and moves them to a gigantic family.

The main challenge is to increase the family tree up to five generations. It is a must for the ancestors to build their houses and wealth and then they have to bring the next generation to continue the tree when they die.

What are sims in sim 4?

In sim 4, sims are the chief character that is controlled by the player. They are the visual characters that live in a suburban household having different activities that make the game more realistic and pulls the player into another world.

The players have to create the character ‘sims’ that change their personalities as the game plays out.

A player can also manipulate the body parts of the sims by dragging, clicking, or pulling the mouse according to his needs.

The body parts such as the abdomen, legs, arms, chest, and feet can be directly manipulated by the players. In this way, the sims could be changed according to the player’s desires.

Besides this, it also creates a strong connection between the character and the player. Moreover, this game teaches the ups and downs that can possibly happen in life.

Another exciting thing about this game is that there are more than 40 hairstyles available in the game for male as well as female sims. The player can also change the hair color of sims and that’s a very cool thing! In this way, the player explores different characters and personalities in a single sim.

The fitness and fatness level can also be adjusted. In 2020, the new updates have been set in which we can also change the skin tone and makeup of sims.

The visuals and realistic touch are the major things that have grabbed the interest of people towards this game. In this way, this game provides us something we want in the real world.

Among all these updates, the most coolest and appreciated one is the change of outfits of sims. There are many options of outfits such as casual, party wear, every day, sleepwear, swimwear, and formal outfits that can totally change the whole appearance and personality of sims.

In addition to this, other invigorating clothing options can easily be sorted by changing the color, theme, material, fashion choice, and texture of the clothes, The more options you have, the easier it becomes to select.

These outfits can be easily worn according to the body shape and figure of the character. In addition to this, more options help in enhancing the beauty of character by maintaining saturation and transparency. Many other exceptional options can be explored.

Now as we are pretty much clear about the game, let’s get to the point. Once the house is filled with 4 sims, you have to buy a new home to accommodate the upcoming sims in it. Moving on to the point that is how can we add a sim to a household in sim 4? Two ways can be used to add a sim in the household.

Either we can add the sims to an already built house or the other possibility is to add the sim in a newly created house. Many cheat codes are used by the player but these are not as customizable as the white methods.  

Adding a sim to an existing household:

Let’s say you have just started gaming and you haven’t collected enough money to buy a new house. If you are new, you will face difficulty but don’t worry. Now, what strategy you should apply? In order to add a sim that already existing household, all you need to do is to create a good friendship between two sims.

One sim out of them will interact with the other in a good manner to move to the household.

There’s another case. Let’s say there is a sim A and a sim B from two different homes. Now, if you want to move sim A to the house of sim B, all you need to do is to make them nice to each other. If they create a good relation, it will be very easy for sim A to migrate.

If the sims complete the scale blue scale of nice friends, you will ultimately get the option to move in. Just make sure that sim B invites sim A to move in the house or that sim A makes a request.

Adding a sim to household from the gallery:

Now, once you are done making a sim from the creating mode, all you need to do this to go to the top right corner. Select the option ‘add to gallery’ or you can also use F4 to open the gallery. Once you click F4, you will see three options on the screen that is Home, Community, and Library.

On selecting the community option, you will find several options in the top left corner. By selecting this, you can check the category of the sims in the household. Once you click the sims, you will see some icons.

Drag your mouse to the right bottom and there will appear three options i.e., Merge, replace and cancel. These options function according to their names.

The merge option merges sim to the current house of a sim. The replace option will replace the household. You can click on the option you want.

And there you go! The sim will be automatically downloaded to the gallery. Just remember this, the imported sims do not appear in the library. To keep them in your game, just select the option of ‘save the household in my library’.

Adding a sim by using cheating codes:

Sometimes, professional gamers also use the cheat codes in the game to enter the sim in the house.

All you need to do is hold and press “Ctrl + Shift + C” and then a message box will appear in the top left corner of the screen. First of all, you have to enable the cheating codes. For that, just type ‘testing cheats true’ and an option of cheating code enabled or activated will appear on the screen.

Now, press the ESC key and the chat box will disappear. Next, hold the shift key and click the sim you want to add, select add to the family. You can follow the same process to remove the sim.


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