How to Activate a DirecTV Receiver Without Paying – Easy Steps

How to Activate a DirecTV Receiver Without Paying

How to Activate a DirecTV Receiver Without Paying – Easy Steps

If you are someone who is willing to activate a DirecTV receiver without paying for it and wondering how I can do it without facing any difficulties.

In order to save your time, here is the answer. Sadly, we have not found a legitimate method for activating a DirecTV receiver without  paying for it. But don’t worry we are after it.

How to activate a DirecTV receiver without paying

DirecTV is one of the most liked satellite services which allow you to stream all the channels, along with all the premium ones such as HBO and SHOWTIME.

In order to have the service of DirecTV, you will have to subscribe to their 2-year subscription plan. As it offers a number of channels belonging to different categories, you have to spend carefully.

After setting up the satellite dish on your rooftop, Connect the DirecTV with your TV and you will have tons of channels at your fingertips, including all the paid and unpaid channels.

After doing all this work, you will have to activate the receiver In order for it to start working. Then, DirecTV will give you two ways to activate the receiver. The first one is to do it with your phone and secondly it can be done online.

This can be one of the many reasons that you want to end the DirecTV contract. So now you start wondering and finding other methods by which you can activate a DirecTV receiver without paying for it.

There can be other reasons but it doesn’t really matter because you have every right in the world to cancel it. You have to be cautious because you may end up paying a little amount of money if you are in contractual time.

If you are willing to get out of the contract without paying then here are some valid reasons that may help you.

Valid reasons to avoid DirecTV Contract:

Here are some reasons you can use in order to save yourself from paying the amount.

  • If you are shifting to a new country where you cannot have their services anymore, then they will also let you end the contract without facing barriers.
  • If you are having some difficulties with their service, and if you are continuously having the same problems that are preventing you from having their services at full comfort. Then you have a valid point and they will let you end the contract without paying any amount.
  • If your sixth sense says that their service is not worth the price you are paying or they are increasing their rates without any upgrade to their service, then simply arguing with them will result in the termination of the contract.
  • If you change your house and the new house in which you have to live does not allow you to set up the satellite dish on your roof. They will allow you to write an early termination letter and at the end, you can end the contract.
  • If the person who registered the account after his name is no more, we never hope this happens with someone. We are telling it just for your information that in this situation they will also allow you to end the contract easily.

Talking to a representative of Retention:

If you don’t have a valid reason to end the contract, you can still pull it off but it will take extra effort. You don’t have to worry we got your back in this one as well.

If you tell them any of the above reasons, they may ask for proof of your problem. In that case, you will have to call them directly.

You need to get to their customer’s service. After doing that, ask them to let you talk to a retention representative. Because at the end, they are going to need a retention representative for your problem. So, it is better to ask him to do so in order to save your time.

After connecting to him, he will try every way to convince you but you have to stay firm on your statement and not let them convince you to extend.

Keep in mind that your only objective is to end the contract, so be sure that you don’t want their services anymore. Just say the same thing that you cannot afford to have their services anymore at any cost.

At this point, he will fail to convince you and will ask you to pay the termination fee but it is usual for all the companies to do this. Talking in a kind way will help you very much. You have to be calm because things may go oppositely.

At the end of the day, if luck is by your side, this conservation may work for you in a positive way. Sometimes people end up paying the cancellation fee and you are also in such a situation, try to reduce the fee.

This is the only way you can end the contract without doing much.


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