5 Best File Managers For Chromebook 2022

5 Best File Managers for Chromebook 2022

File managers are one of the useful and necessary apps you must have on your mobile phone or any device like Chromebook etc. The best and a good file manager can help you to manage your all files easily and to take care of them by organizing them properly.

Also, while searching a file manager you must keep in view that you have to find an app in which you can easily find the file you need without struggling to find that.


If you are looking for the best file managers, so you can manage and organize your data in Chromebook then we have listed the 5 best file managers you will like to install and try.


Best File Managers for Chromebook

Files app is one of the best apps for managing files. You already know about this app. Yup, this is the default file manager provided by Google.

With this app, you can manage your mobile phone files and also the files on the cloud. Google Drive is integrated with this app. It’s very easy to find any item. In the My Files section app, you can access your local files and in the Google Drive option, you can access the files saved in cloud storage under Google Drive Account.

It has all the basic features like copy, move, paste, rename, etc. This app can easily meet your requirements and if you don’t want advanced features as many third-party apps have, then you should use this app.

2.Total Commander

Best File Managers for Chromebook

Total Commander is also a good file manager app you can use for your Chromebook. You can easily manage and make changes to your data easily with this app. It is one of the fewest of file managers that are also available for Windows.

On the play store, this app has 10Million+ downloads with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. There can be two file windows side-by-side which makes to compare the files in a better way.

This app also has multiple language options. So if you feel the need to change the language you can change it easily. It has a better-enhanced search function. Overall it’s a good app for the files.

3.Solid File Explorer

Best File Managers for Chromebook

Solid Explorer is a strong and best file manager with many surprising features. It is optimized for Chrome OS support. It is also considered the alternative to ES File Explorer.

Solid Explorer has the index and deep search function. It is easy and quick to find any kind of file. Solid Explorer can for you like a root explorer, it will assist you in system-level operations, such as changing permissions, editing configuration, etc. It can create archives like ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, and TAR.

After all these features, it has built-in cast support. So you can cast your media files via Chromecast.

Before installing this app you should remember that the first two weeks is the trial period and then it will cost $1.99. But at this price, it’s worth it.

4.ES File Explorer

Best File Managers for Chromebook

ES File Explorer came with many advanced features which popularized the app. ES File Explorer can provide you the option and design so that it is easy for you to organize and manage files.

It also enables you to access cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, etc. You can share the files easily via this app.

This app is not available on Playstore so you can download its .apk file on your Chromebook and then just install it after enabling the ‘Allow installation from unknown source’ option.

You have the memory cleaner option and compressing the files is not a difficult job for this app. This app also includes a built-in media player. You will be satisfied with this app. We would recommend this File Explorer.


Best File Managers for Chromebook

Xplore app is another wonderful app to manage files. Xplore has a dual-pane tree view. It also has the Disk Map feature which enables you to see which files are consuming more space.

Xplore also has the function to connect you to various cloud storage services, to view your files. You can also view the compressed files and .apk files.

This app is a good one to install on the Chromebook. With Xplore, you can have the feature of sharing files with WiFi. You can copy, paste, and move any files or any content/data on your device. If you want a decent app like this to meet your requirement and also give you the advanced features you should install it and give it a try.

Final Thoughts

File managers are very useful apps to organize and manage data. In the market, you can find many more file explorers online. But the more options make you confuse that which one should you install. Here, we have nitpicked the 5 best file managers that can meet your requirements or more than that.

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